Boodrun's Crucible [Thread Item]

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Boodrun's Crucible [Thread Item]

Post by Slimcreeper » Wed May 19, 2021 12:18 am

Boodrun’s Crucible

Boodrun’s Crucible is a finely-worked wooden chest with two straps and a padded back that let it be worn as a backpack by most Namegivers (not Trolls, Obsidimen, or Windlings). The user triggers a clever secret locking mechanism to open a deep lid to an enormously complicated cabinet, replete with layers of drawers, vials, clips, burners, and glassware, all filled with the necessary kit for the working alchemist in the fields. Alchemical ingredients must be replaced as normal, but any damage to the kit’s content tends to be restored when no one is looking. Without any threads, Boodrun’s Crucible functions as a standard Alchemical Kit. It allows Alchemy tests without an alchemy lab with the normal -3 penalty. It uses a Sustained Action to set up, usually five to ten minutes.

Mystic Defence: 12 Tier: Journeyman

Rank 1: Know the Name.
Effect: When used as an Alchemy Kit, there is no penalty to Alchemy tests to identify unusual substances.

Rank 2:
Effect: The Crucible includes a notebook with notes left by every user in a variety of tongues and encryption schemas. On weaving the second thread, the user becomes able to read the notebook and is compelled to do so. Once they’ve read the notebook, they begin adding their own notes as they work. The user gets +2 to tests to gather alchemical supplies, whether purchasing them or foraging in the wilderness.

Rank 3: Know where Boodrun went to school, a respected college in Vivaine.
Effect: The user can increase the potency of any potion (not poison). The process uses up 100 silver worth of alchemical supplies, which must be purchased or gathered specifically for this purpose. The user makes an Alchemy Test as a Sustained action which takes 30 minutes or so. The TN is the Enchanting TN of the item. See the Earthdawn Companion for more details.

Rank 4:
Effect: The chest seems to contain an impossible volume of useful alchemical equipment. Boodrun’s Crucible can be completely set up or broken down over the course of 2 hours into a complete Alchemy Lab. It must be set up in a room the size of a modest kitchen, and the room must be reasonably clean. When set up, there is no penalty for Alchemy tests when using the Crucible.

Rank 5:
Effect: When used as either an Alchemy Kit or an Alchemy Lab, the Crucible grants +2 to Knowledge tests related to Alchemy.

Rank 6:
Deed: The user must locate Broodrun’s lost thesis and present it to his alma mater. Whether it is accepted or not is dependent on the GM and the gameplay.
Effect: When fully set up as an Alchemy Lab, the Crucible grants +2 to Alchemy Tests.

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