Rumor <or Request> (ECL 2): Tail on the fence


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Rumor <or Request> (ECL 2): Tail on the fence

Post by marcrobitschek » Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:29 pm

Rumor: Tail on a Fence
Player: Marc [ marc#9530 ]
Character: Kalandar the Thief

Kalandar keeps his ear to the ground for interesting goings on in a number of nearby "Family Style Business Operations" near Throal n Bartertown. The other day, he heard an interesting snippet about a street tough going in to fence a copper ingot with a really unusual deep red color in Sosanopa. The snitch told him some unknown heavies came in that night, wiped out the fence's whole place, then hunted down the street tough and took him. Could just be a gang war going up a notch, but the local scene seems all stirred up, and not by the local crime bosses who are pissed. Glimpses the locals caught of the heavies said they was really well equipped and professional like. Smells like outsiders lost a little something that might lead to more somethings... Might or might not be tied into the mine stuff, but Kal is intrigued enough to do some discrete look-into with some friends. The intel should be valuable to the right sort of buyer in Throal.

eward: Standard ECR 2 (Medium Difficulty)
Alt Reward: Half price goods that might reasonably have "fallen off a cart" in Sosanopa

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Re: Rumor <or Request> (ECL 2): Tail on the fence

Post by predajey » Mon Jan 24, 2022 1:56 am

Adventure: Tail on the Fence
Status: Resolved
Notable NPCs and Features:

The Ship Wrights: Weville and Orbert Wright, Dwarfs attempting to replicate Fire Engine Technology.

Harold Ware: The owner of the Ware Houses. These houses were constructed as homes for the homeless, but are also used to store materials. Expert at creating false demand of various goods.

Groy Rutman: The representative of a group well known for their thefts, who have only stayed safe from legal repercussions due to leaving a lack of evidence. Holds expertise in the Laws of the area.

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