Rumor: Laying a Brotherhood of Stone to Rest [ 6H ]

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Rumor: Laying a Brotherhood of Stone to Rest [ 6H ]

Post by Serespar » Sun Jun 13, 2021 11:05 pm

Player: Strats

After traveling for several years, the obsidiman Salar Bazhadi has returned to Throal and approached Strats the obsidiman gauntlet about joining the Brotherhood of Stone. Strats was deeply honored by the elder’s words and has agreed to undertake the joining, should he prove worthy.

The Elder has been traveling to the liferock brotherhoods he knew before the Scourge, checking on their well being; Welcoming the liferocks back to the reawakened world where he can, or honoring the fallen and salvaging cherished memories from the shattered remains where he could not.

Recently, Salar traveled up in the Caucavic Mountains (hex 52.03), looking for a liferock whose brothers he knew before the Scourge. Instead of a sacred waterfall, he found a cascade of astral pollution and strange, dark waters. Where there had been playful earth elementals, twisted spines of malice glared from the shadows. Where the crown of the liferock should have been was a… …growth… …of solidified corruption that felt long abandoned, like the bones of a meal that had been tossed aside for scavengers to pick.

Salar is ancient, and wise, and believes in the prudence of striking twice with one strike of the stone. He judged investigating the remains of Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah to be a suitable challenge for a candidate for increasing the ranks of the Brotherhood of Stone.

Strats will be gathering companions to help him investigate what happened, help any survivors [there may be surviving elementals who were allies of the fallen liferock], honor the fallen… …and look for clues as to what attacked the liferock. It needs to be sent back to whatever pit it crawled out of.

Painting done by Salar of the Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah liferock, from his memories of before the Scourge.


See AAR: A Brotherhood of Stone
Location: 52.03 (Up in the Cauavic Mountains)
Circle: ECL 6 Hard
Reward: Initiation into Brotherhood of Stone Path
Benefit: The Scourge destroyed so much; to honor the fallen and salvage what wisdom can be found.
Notable NPCs: Salar Bazhadi

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Re: Rumor: Laying a Brotherhood of Stone to Rest [ 6H ]

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