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Post by Sharkforce » Sun May 23, 2021 8:21 pm

Player: Garak (Sharkforce)

Rumor: WHAT HAPPEN? A hive composed of many varieties of sapient insects coming from the Servos was razed to the ground shortly after Irondelve was informed of its existence. The hive had indicated that it wanted peace, and Irondelve shouldn't even be *able* to have launched an attack like that even if a sizable portion of their population weren't pacifists. More worrying, it sounds like this was a colony, not the entire population, and the ones that stayed behind had actively decided to send a peaceful colony rather than using their vast numbers to conquer anything, and Garak is worried that they will decide to try again but with less peace and more nomming of namegivers.
Location: The hills north of Irondelve.

Circle: 2M, unless we have a lot of ECR 3 and not many ECR 1/2 by the time this rumour gets used.

Reward: WE GET SIGNAL. I mean, uhh... hopefully we'll find out what destroyed the hive, and ideally find proof of that which could be presented to any future potential hives that might settle in the area and not get razed to the ground by something unknown.

Benefit: Garak may not consider Irondelve to be his home any more per se, but that doesn't mean he wants almost everyone he knew as a young ork to be either slaughtered by an angry hive of sapient insects or burned by whatever destroyed the hive (because that isn't exactly reassuring either).

Notable NPCs: AAR and journal entries from the previous adventure can be found here.

Bzzzzlit (may have more or fewer 'z's): 9 foot tall bodyguard of the Voice of the Queen of the hive, somewhat bee-like (may be slightly deceased)
Voice of the Queen: possible Questor of Jaspree, wears bees instead of clothing, dances a lot, kinda loopy. Negotiated peaceful contact with Irondelve in exchange for permission to use magic telescope in hive territory. (May be slightly deceased). Has another bodyguard who looks different from Bzzzzlit (May also be slightly deceased)
Known varieties of insect in the hive: hand-sized bees that use weapons, shields, and other tools, 30 foot long dragonfly that can disappear and is probably strong enough to carry a mule loaded with delicate astronomy instruments, something that creates giant termite mounds (probably giant termites, but you never know). (May be slightly deceased, but there *were* a lot of them)

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