Request (7H): Where the Best Things Come From

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Request (7H): Where the Best Things Come From

Post by predajey » Sun May 23, 2021 10:01 am

Player: Calina Ravanqnerosicor (predajey/pub)
Rumor: Hearing about Truck's invitation to the Landis Exalted Graduate's Symposium, Calina has taken up the endeavor to do some field research of her own in preparation for the next Symposium, whether it be held by one of Throal's diplomatic allies or by Throal itself. The majority of her knowledge falls within psychological study, but she is also commonly seen researching various other topic, particularly in relation to the Thread Items her allies have come across. An extensive amount of equipment was found in an underground armory in Wolf Ridge. Trying to decipher the reasoning behind its construction might also yield the opportunity to excavate more valuables. These valuables might even be enough to pay any whom Calina can convince to accompany her.

Finding a Cure

Location: Beginning in Wolf Ridge
Circle: 7H
Reward: Unlock Scholar Path
Benefit: Any paid for Thread Items could be found. Notably, William writes about a box full of Thread Items found in Wolf Ridge.

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