RUMOR (4M): Cable Guy

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RUMOR (4M): Cable Guy

Post by bronzemountain » Wed May 12, 2021 2:54 pm

Player: Youghdel von Smeshfays
Rumor: Captain Marzipan Bonesnap of the IAS Ravager, Youghdel's boss, needs rope. Not just any rope, but rip your arm off if you don't respect it steel cable - the kind that is only available from Ironbark Grove. She had an order in but now the roper has some kind of problem and won't finish the order until the the problem's resolved. So Youghdel's off to Irondelve to figure out what's gone wrong and make it right, and he's bringing friends with him as is the Raider way.
Location: Starts at Irondelve, could go anywhere from there.
Circle: 4 Medium
Reward: 50% off Sky Raider training
Benefit: Cable guy starts working again.
Notable NPCs: Marzipan Bonesnap (Sky Raider captain); Elgor Manathan (Roper)

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