Rumor (6M/5H): Rise From the Dust

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Rumor (6M/5H): Rise From the Dust

Post by Sharkforce » Fri Apr 30, 2021 8:56 pm

Player: Orlam (Sharkforce)

Rumor: A hidden cache of resources was left behind by an old kingdom to help any surviving descendants after the scourge. This would likely be on behalf of the inhabitants of the scattered Kaers in the area, see for reference; Kaer Voklar is the one we definitely know the name of. Note that this is not the adventure to find Murova from that adventure (the rumour for that is )

This information would likely be in relation to the continued exploration of the valley, and may be sponsored by the inhabitants of Kaer Voklar, including Arunath and Uttara Poylan. Note that it has been some time since the adventure was run, and it is entirely possible that other kaers have opened up in the area off-screen.

Location: North/Northwest of Syrtis Cliff City, around the old Kingdom of Marrek. Jurong was previously the closest Niall to the area.

Circle: 6M (I am open to 5H if I'm still able to join those by the time it rolls around *if* other players are also looking for a lab and need it to be lower circle to join)

Reward: Alchemy Lab access. For those with no interest in such things, there could possibly be other things on offer.

Benefit: The cache should contain resources that would help in the re-development of the region. This would benefit Syrtis (the region will likely either become a client state of theirs, or an exclusive trade partner) as well as the inhabitants of the local kaers. It may also create a "homeland" of sorts for Barsaive's humans... or it might just create a village with delusions of grandeur that they meet that description.

Notable NPCs: Potentially Arunath and Uttara Poylan, First Speaker of Kaer Voklar and his wife.

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