RESOLVED [9H]: Slipshadin’ Away [The Last Farewell]

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RESOLVED [9H]: Slipshadin’ Away [The Last Farewell]

Post by Anoush » Sun Apr 04, 2021 11:08 pm

Player: Bloodbeat II of Syrtis

Rumor: Bloodbeat wants to add Elementalism to her skill set. Since she knows a powerful Elementalist — Vralino — Bloodbeat asks her for training. And Vralino agrees conditionally, only asking that Bloodbeat do this one tiny, little favor for her first …

Vralino asks Bloodbeat to locate a Slipshade and figure out how to kill it, but then to not, absolutely not, kill it. When Bloodbeat asks Vralino about this strange request, it quickly becomes obvious that Vralino is nervous and that she no doubt has some insane plan involving the Slipshade.

No matter what, Bloodbeat’s in, not just for the training, but because Vralino’s a good friend. Now she just needs a few good companions.

Location: TBD
Circle: 9H
Reward: Opens Elementalist Discipline
Benefit: The world gains another Elementalist.
Notable NPCs: None requested

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