Deed [11M] The Great Pretender

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Deed [11M] The Great Pretender

Post by Xzandrate » Sun Apr 04, 2021 5:46 pm

Player: Moe'uhane (Xzandrate)
Rumor: Moe'uhane has learned about the first owner of Assumed Authority, Merwyn Brickell, or so he thought. Merwyn was a secretive man and the truth of his actions were not what people knew in legend, Moe'uhane must now find the truth about Merwyn.
Note: Merwyn Brickell was a human leader of a mercenary army near the southern side of the Tylon Mountains around the Tylon River
Location: Somewhere near the south side of the Tylon Mountains.
Circle: 11M
Reward: TI Deed
Benefit: More magic

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