Boronkastira (Bronk), Obsidiman Wizard

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Boronkastira (Bronk), Obsidiman Wizard

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Roll20 Name: qrizzl
Discord ID: Doc_D [he/they]#1791
Character Name: Boronkastira (Bronk)
Race: Obsidiman

ECR: 1 (0-599 Legend)
Lifetime Legend Total: 0
Unspent Legend: 0
Thread Item Points: 0
Silver: 77

Discipline: Wizard
Circle: 1
Discipline Abilities

Dex: 13 (6)
Str: 18 (7)
Tou: 16 (7)
Per: 16 (7)
Wil: 14 (6)
Cha: 7 (4)

Karma Mod: 3
Karma Step: 4
Karma Max: 3
Uncon: 35 (32 Base + 3 Durability_1)
Death: 43 (39 Base + 3 Durability_1 + 1 Circle)

Init: 6 (6 Base)
PD: 8 (8 Base)
PA: 3 (Obsidiman Natural Armor)
MD: 9 (9 Base)
MA: 2 (2 Base)
SD: 5 (5 Base)

Movement: 10
Carrying Capacity: 215
Wound Threshold: 13 (10 Base + 3 Obsidiman Increased Wound Threshold)
Recovery tests per day: 3

[Discipline] Talents
First Circle Discipline Talent: Dispel Magic (1)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Patterncraft (1)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Research (1)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Spellcasting (2)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Thread Weaving/Wizardry (2)
First Circle Talent Option: Standard Matrix (1)

Free Talent: Standard Matrix (1)
Free Talent: Standard Matrix (1)

Other Talents
Racial Talent: -

Talent Knacks


Circle 1:
  • Flame Flash
  • Mind Dagger
  • Mage Armor
  • Iron Hand
  • Bedazzling Display of Logical Analysis
  • Astral Sense
  • Divine Aura

Knowledge Skill: Lore: Blood Magic (1)
Knowledge Skill: Anatomy (1)

Read/Write Language: (1) (Dwarf-Throalic)
Speak Language: (2) (Obsidiman, Dwarf-Throalic)

Artisan Skill: Body Modification (1)
General Skill: Anticipate Blow (3)
General Skill: Unarmed Combat (3)
General Skill: Wound Balance (2)

Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Body Modding Tools (needles in different sizes and variations, hooks and a tiny chisel and hammer for working on obsidimen skin, basic pigment for coloring)
Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, robe or breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Trail Rations (1 week)
Grimoire (differently shaped rocks/minerals that each contain one spell and are threaded up, similar to a necklace or a rosary)

Writing Kit (Quill Pen, Writing Ink, 10 sheets Parchment, 2 Candles, 10 Pieces of Chalk)

Threads Tied:

Animal Companions:

Brief Backstory:
I was born from the underground earth and I one day will return there. But until then, there is still way too much see and learn.
Boronkastira came to life from a small stone circle in a cavern under the Throalic Mountains. This explains their darkish green skin color with the faint purple shimmer of minerals. They are very young for Obsidimen and just left the cave after the Dreaming some 20 years ago.
They have a curious mind, combined with a determination that sometimes leads to impatience. Having Throal and the great library right around the corner was a way for them to start satisfying their thirst for knowledge, which lead them to the way of the wizard.
At the same time, all the studying didn't leave them enough time to earn a good dime, which led them to the twisted alleys of Bartertown. Learning to stand their ground, this is where they found their love for the physical aspect of fighting. This made them earn their Nickname Bronk, since few people ever got to pronounce their full name befor a stonish fist hit them.

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