AAR: Little Dogies

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AAR: Little Dogies

Post by etherial » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:21 am

Mission: Little Dogies
GM: etherial
Date: 2017-10-21
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 1 Medium

Player Rewards:
Bortruk: 200 Legend, Death Cheat Charm, -75sp
Irwin E. Hopperton: 200 legend, Desperate Spell Blood Charm
Osahar: 200 Legend, 150 Silver

Rolls that were witnessed:
Bortruk Researched the Cultist Amulet for 2 weeks.
Irwin hired an NPC to Item History it.

Further Information:
The Cultists are raising Genhis as undead servants.
Irwin has taken a Cultist's Amulet for analysis.
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Re: AAR: Little Dogies

Post by Jason » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:29 am

From the Journal of Irwin E. Hopperton, Human Elementalist of the Second Circle

Little Dogies
A swarm of Baby Genhis has spawned as is devouring the countryside.
Help corral them to minimize the carnage.

The Party
Osahar - Elven Archer of the First Circle
Bortruk -Dwarven Air Sailor of the Second Circle

The Mission
poster in grand bazar
5 silver for each baby Genhis taken back to the dawn mist homestead
Celembrian Dawnmist

day 1 & 2
Took path to borken's rest
2 days travel

Black smith refered us to the drunk troubedor to lead us to the homestead
troubedor (Human) said yes for drinks and a hot meal
troubedor asked to leave the next day, he was drunk

Got attacked by 3 baby genhis over night at borken's rest
Killed 1, took 2 unconsious
Blacksmith made us some muzzles.

Day 3
I sucessfully firehealed
Troubedor didn't remember his agrement, had to remind him.
Troubedor believes his name is 'Lawrence' maybe or maybe 'lary'
He then lead us toward the homestead.

got attacked by 3 baby genhis
took 3 more alive

Got to homestead, he only wants live ones.
Troubedor finally decided on 'Lawrence'
Celembrian -Elf- cooked up the dead one for dinner.
he goes by Clem

After finally understanding that it takes years, he wants them dead now
It took them attacking each other for him to understand.

Day 3 night
Spotted hooded figures in the distance

Day 4 morning
Clem said some cults tried to get him to clear out his farm.
I sucessfully firehealed

we head off to track the cultists
found 4 cultists chanting around a baby genhis

Osahar one shot a cultist with a flaming arrow (from flame weapon) in the opening action of combat

3 cultist start running
Appears that some sort of ritual was done on the baby genhis and it ended up with red eyes.

Astral sensed it, under some sort of magical effect
some sort of buff, couldn't tell for sure.

Tracked running cultists...
Found larger group with one that looks like a leader and more baby genhis
Amulet shows up unusual on astral sight
Took for further study - going to have it researched

looks like the Genhis was ritualisticly slaughtered and brought back
(ooc -> notes about what I saw via astrial sight)

Told clem to avoid the Cultists if possible, he said he will put up a no cultist wanted sign... sigh...

Things that need to be done...
  • If there is someone who can put some sense into clem, it might be good for the whole area.
  • Deal with the cultists who seem to be powering up via the capture, sacrifice, and restoring of the genhis... given the potential hundreds of genhis... questions how many they have gotten.
  • Research the amulet/details of the astral pattern documented this journal entry
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Re: AAR: Little Dogies

Post by CodexDragon » Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:02 am

Notes submitted by Osahar

I was in town looking for work and saw a poster hung by the Dawnmist Homestead, offering 5 silver a head for baby genhis. There were two others also eyeing the poster, Irwin, a human elementalist, and Bortruk, a dwarf air sailor. We decided to work together and immediately hit upon two snags in our endeavor.

First, the poster didn’t mention if they wanted the genhis alive or dead, so we decided to head out to the homestead to ask. We discussed that if we found any along the way, we would try to take them alive. If that was the wrong call, we could always kill them there. That led us to our second snag; none of us knew how to get to the homestead. Irwin had been there before and knew it was near Borgan’s Rest, so we headed there to get directions.

When we got to Borgan’s Rest and asked around for a guide, we were directed to a drunken, human troubadour, Lawrence. We secured his assistance with getting out to the homestead, but needed to wait until morning, when he would, hopefully, be more sober. We spent the night in Borgan’s Rest, where Irwin cast a spell and made a shelter for me for the night. During the night there was an attack on the town by three genhis. Two were chewing on the palisade and a third had attacked the town guard that was on watch. Irwin, Bortruk, and I were able to halt the attack, killing one and subduing the other two.

In the morning, we headed out, taking the two live genhis and the corpse with us. Lawrence was indeed able to guide us to the homestead. On the way we were attacked by another group of genhis, all of which we subdued. We made it to the homestead and turned over the five living genhis to Celembrian “Clem” Dawnmist, who invited us to stay the night. We made a meal out of the dead one, though we were disturbed during dinner by noises outside. Turns out the genhis we had brought in were eating each other. Clem decided that he didn’t want any more live genhis and that we could just bring back dead ones.

That night, Irwin heard some noises outside that he and I went to investigate. In the distance we saw some people that he thought were probably cultists. The following morning we went out to where we saw them and I started to track them to where they went. Eventually we came to a small clearing in the woods where four cultists were performing some ritual on a baby genhis. We attacked them, killing one, but the other three released the genhis on us and ran away. The genhis was powered up by some sort of spell, but the three of us easily dispatched it. I then tracked down the three that ran away.

We tracked those three down to another clearing, where they had met up with another cultist, what looked to be a more senior cultist of some sort, and two more controlled genhis. It looked a bit too dangerous for just the three of us, so I marked the location on the map and we headed back to the homestead. On the way back, we stopped back off by the corpses of the cultist and the genhis for Irwin to check over. He found an item on the cultist that he wanted to take back and look over. He also determined that the genhis had been raised as an undead servant. We made it back to the homestead, picked up Lawrence, went back to Borgan’s Rest to drop him off, and then back to Throal, all without incident.

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Re: AAR: Little Dogies

Post by BattleChad » Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:12 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Irwin and Osahar for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 10 Legend Points and 20 Silver