AAR: Missing Minions

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AAR: Missing Minions

Post by etherial » Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:12 am

Mission: Players helped find two couriers who had gone missing and helped them complete their deliviries.
GM: etherial
Date: 2017-10-14
Players: Bortruk, Irwin, Jexel, and Op'skith
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 1 Medium
Player Rewards:
Bortruk: 200 Legend, 50 Silver + Air Sailor circle 2 training
Irwin Ernest Hopperton: 200 Legend, 125 Silver + Crystal Buckler
Jexel: 200 Legend, 112 Silver, Hawk Hatchet, Preces Poison Gland, Cultist Amulet
Op'skith Chona: 200 Legend, 150 Silver

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Re: AAR: Missing Minions

Post by Jason » Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:20 am

From the Journal of Irwin Ernest Hopperton, Human Elementalist

The party
Op'skith Chona, T'strange beastmaster, seems unconfortable around large groups
Jikil, Elf Thief, short, minor troublemaker
Bortuk, Dwarf Air Sailor, looking to get his own Airship

The Mission
Ewan Deepdigger, General goods store in Thoral, Non-parishable good to farms, food to Thoral
Missing his two couriers Wyman (Obsidaman) and Drucilla (Dwarf).
Were heading to Borgan's Rest Some farms on the way
one a stop was to be farm at edges plains/hills (river head)
Grabbed extra trail rations, just incase

Day 3 noon - Borgan's Rest
Talked to the Smith
expected 1.5 weeks ago - didn't arrive.
Cultist of Rarock in area, heard near farm.
1- Anklar homestead
2- Dawnmist homestead

dusk day 3
Ran into a group of prayer rabbits
got distracted telling the party about them and was slow to enter the fray
lit Bortuk's sword on fire
Eventually the prayer rabbits were all stopped
We recovered one of the poison nodules

nightfall day 3
arrived at Anklar Homestead
Elf Toren
- hasn't seen the couriers

Pre-dawn day 4
Heard something while sleeping
Op'skith made noise like an elephant in a china shop
one of my companions thinks he saw some tracks
was tracks in the morning...
heading toward the trees that we are heading toward

day 4 - copse of wood
Found couriers - who had been captured by the cultists
we killed two cultists and took two prisioner

day 4 - Dawnmist homestead
Got to the Dawnmist homestead
cattle were missing
cultist were bothering the homestead until 2 days ago, same time they cought Wyman & Drucilla
have to find missing cattle to get the missing goods for Ewan

day 4 - Dawnmist homestead - short while latter
they found us... - weren't cows -> genhis
we killed the baby genhis... one of them put a small nick in my armor... <grumble>

told the farmers to clear out their genhis before this happens again.
Not sure the farmers planned on listening (someone should check on this)

All was resolved, we helped Wyman and Drucilla complete their deliveries.
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Re: AAR: Missing Minions

Post by Jexel » Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:37 am

Journal of Jexel'thalas

Bortruk: Air Sailor
Irwin Ernest Hopperton: Elementalist
Op'skith Chona: Beastmaster

Day 1-3

After agreeing to help Ewan Deepdigger to find his missing courriers Wyman & Drucilla we travelled three days south to Borgan's Rest. Wyman & Drucilla were long overdue and had not made it to the town.

Several hours Northeast from the town we ran into a small group of Preces. These vicious large rabbits appeared to be more than defensive and attacked us. Stronger than they look for their size, I assume it's in the bones. They also had a poison attack.

Day 4

We came across the Anklar Homestead and were pleased to find everyone alive and well. In the night we heard noises and the next morning we tracked down a small group of cultist's of Raggok. They had captured and tortured Wyman & Drucilla. The cultists were quickly taken care of and two were captured. The only lead we have is that all the cultists were humans. Will need to keep an eye out in any small towns of mainly humans.

Day 5

Came across and helped the Dawnmist Homestead. They were holed up in their house and fearful of cultist's. While they were taking shelter their livestock escaped the pen. Unfortunately the livestock returned and instead of cattle they were actually Genhis would had recently given birth to demonic little animals that eat everything in sight. Some of the livestock were saved and the baby Genhis were killed. We advised the farmer's to use the remaining adult Genhis as steak so we dont' have any more births./

Day 6 & 7

Return Trip was uneventful.
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Re: AAR: Missing Minions

Post by Selemas » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:06 pm

From the Journal of Op'skith Chona, T'skrang Beastmaster

The following is carved in small throalic runes on a preces skull.

Met others in market.
Irwin: Wise. Cautious. Useful, but not dangerous.
Jexel: Fast. Clever. Too quick, always need eyes open around this one.
Bortruk: Steadfast. Protective of Irwin. Weak to speed and surprise.

Sent south by Deepdigger to return two wayward ones. Dwarf and Obsidiman. 3 days long walking, no trouble, easy travel that way. Small camp, blacksmith. Little to see, hunted further. Not find namegivers, but preces. Vicious beasts, sharp teeth, poison claws. Dangerous prey. Avoid the groups. Moved on to elf hut. Simple folk. Whispers in the night, Raggok plagues this area. His madmen held our quarry. Easy prey, foolish and aggressive. Trap would make even easier, hardly see beyond their own knives. Others left 2 alive? Odd. Recovered quarry, insisted we help others. Then final human house. Even simpler folk, very afraid of cultists, suspicious but not wise, easy to trick if needed. Kept ghena as cattle. Easy prey, single minded, easily divided and destroyed. Returned with meat and pumpkins and steel. 3 more days in returning. Took silver.

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Re: AAR: Missing Minions

Post by BattleChad » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:11 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Irwin Ernest Hopperton, Jexel'thalas, and Op'skith Chona for their addition to our archives.

Journal Reward: 10 Legend Points and 20 Silver each.