Love and Cheshires.

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"It's the big thing. Bird, no, Lizard like. Well it's easy to spot if you know what you are looking." Alvin the Enlightened Baker

The blob slain by our mighty efforts we decided to make camp to recover our spirits. The standard Gruv thunderstorm kept us up at night but nothing to report otherwise. "And I could have used a spirit too! Alas these magic types are made of weaker stuff than the rest of us that's for sure. Here I was fit as a fiddle (in comparison) and sober to boot! Hopefully the next thing we fight will be a bit more of a challenge. That or have to start replacing my trail rations with more liquor. Actually that's a good idea! Good thinking me." In the morning we set out to finally fulfill our objective by recovering the artifact underwater.

By this point we already had a good idea where the artifact was underwater due to Shi'kems earlier dive so we made our way above water to where it was. We were worried about the undead Saurids so Father Rowan suggested that he may be able to lure them out by clearing up the Astral. "The air around this lake is harsh. Not in a toxic sense but there is a certain heaviness to the area that is hard to describe. Rowan and Cusa can explain it better. And before anyone goes and starts to question whether the Great Alvin has gone insane know that the moment Rowan finished his prayer the strange pressure seemed to lift. Don't doubt, there is definitely something there. What that something is however I cannot say."

So we dug down as deep as we could through the ice and prepared to ambush them. "But no ambush was necessary. Quite the opposite as they seemed to be docile after the good father finished his prayer. To confirm I stripped and jumped in. Acting as the bait this time just as I said I would. See! I told you this Baker has no fear of the dead! And if you can believe it the Saurid which had just yesterday attacked us the first chance they could just peacefully swam around me. It was as if for the first time in a long time they had found a peace in the waters."

From here retrieving the artifact was easy. "Well getting it out of the water was the easy part but with the blasted thing out whatever magic making the ice vanished and we found ourselves running from the now shattering lake! Bloody curses! I tell ya, there is nothing good that comes from 'ancient magics", none at all. This one was some kind of wicked staff. Anyway, all of them are but accidents waiting to happen." So run I did. I have not run with that much desperation in all my life to that point and even today thinking about the sprint makes my legs sore. Fortunately nobody was killed in the final mad dash off the lake but several of us had a few broken bones and harsh wounds that needed to be sought to. But that could wait till after he returned to the safety of the Spider Silk Tribe.

We made the trek back to our Saurid friends and were met by surprise. "No trust in this lot I tell ya. But that's okay, they all learned the name Alvin Baker that day and I'm sure they will not forget it." We were rewarded handsomely. I was mostly interested in the information. We learned about a certain species of insect that is said to be a sure tell sign of a nearby Chesire. They're hard to miss so if you know what you are looking for finding a Chesire is just as easy. Of course knowing that one is nearby and dealing with one is completely different. "There was a translation problem with the name of the insect. The best I could get was that they called it a Meal, but I am sure that was just in reference to the Chesire's eating habits. That said a Meal is a solid name for a bug if you have the stomach for it. I wonder what they taste like?"

After we left and returned to Fort Alice to report to Lady Jennings. She was very happy with our haul which included a female Chesire (who I named Christie in case anyone is wondering). She was most concerned however about our encounters with the Owlbeasts and the clockwork device we recovered. It was apparently a filming device of sorts. Very advanced. The Lady instructed us to keep this information under wraps and to report to Colonel Hewitt about it. We did so and were paid 25 pounds for our efforts and asked to return with any additional information we might uncover about the Owlbeasts.

"All in a days work. I've started to make a name for myself as a pioneer now as well. A successful job from the Lady Jennings herself? How many freelanced pioneers of the Gruv can boost that huh? Not many I'm sure. I can't wait to investigate the Owl Beasts further. Although I get a feeling another big job might come in and we will have to put that aside for a bit."

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