Dr. Bouchet, I Presume

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Re: Dr. Bouchet, I Presume

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Alvin Baker: The One Armed Baker,

We took a bit of extra time to rest before setting back to Burlington. I appreciated that I did. My new stump ached and, for some reason, my other arm burned. “The damned crab just wouldn't be don wit me!” Cusa (the Physician) rubbed some penicillin on my wounds and after a rest well it still hurt. I was assured it would fully recover in about a days time (and it did)

The worst of the day was yet to come. We still had to circle back through the crabs lair. Cusa started asking for volunteers to be bait to allow easier passage for those sneaking over the lair of the dreaded crab. I did not volunteer. We made it across without much incident. Cusa (who volunteered) may see it differently.

The return trip to Burlington was quite pleasant. Thunderstorms once or twice but other than that nothing. I got the chance to talk to Dr. Bouchet. Pleasant fellow. I was interested in his clockwork arm now that I was also in the market for a replacement. We swapped stories and it turns out a dwarf has a lot in common with a man of color. As he started to mention the bias he’s suffered I brought up the story of my family's bakery. “An’ for no reason other than the hair upon me beard they pushed me out of house and home. Bad for business I was.” Dr. Bouchet opened up after this as we started to talk about the design of his clockwork arm. I have some training in the field but it became obvious I was still too green to undertake such a project. Bouchet promised to help me in my endeavor and gave me the clockwork arm schematics he developed. The real issue now would be the cost.

We made it back to Burlington and was questioned immediately by Captain Redway. After sharing what we knew we spent the night and hightailed it back to Fort Alice with Dr. Bouchet in tow. Our client was over the moon following our successful return. So was my pocketbook. More quid than me or my family prior had probably ever seen in a generation laid before me now. This made me nervous. Where was I to keep this money? Fortunately Mr. Vern of the Faraday Law Firm had a solution. He would secure me an account at the Gruv Bank. This was equally nerve racking. Imagine a Baker with an account at a high institution like a bank! I was glad for it though as carrying around that much money would have been trouble.

From here the group decided to take about 1 months off to recover and look for our next big score. I took this time to train my left hand. I am (was) right handed so just about everything became a struggle.This was worst demonstrated in my handwriting. Through Dr. Bouchet’s referral I was able to get into contact with several clockwork companies who might furnish me with a new arm. Most did not return letters; my writing being visibly below their station. It took me some time and persistence to finally get a quote. Alas, the arm will have to wait for the next payday. I opened up the option to make the arm myself. That would be easier on the wallet and I could make the piece at my own pace (budget allowing) rather than pay upfront. Although my skill remained an issue.

In the meantime I still had to deal with the fact I was missing an arm. I did general dexterity training to train and make the most of my new situation. Using firearms was a tough spot at first. Took me most the month to get back to working order (with a new pistol instead of my regular rifle). “In truth losin’ me hand forced me to push myself. Now I’m better than ever! Alvin Baker: locked and loaded.” Writing took some more effort. Practically nobody would help a one armed fellow with his issues. Apparently it was quite the scandal to be without an arm! I did manage to find a Snark fellow willing to help out. Turns out he thought I was asking for a different type of help though and I ended up picking up some shadier skills during my efforts. Perhaps I’ll keep my new talent for forgery a secret.

Regardless, I feel about as good as a one armed Baker ought. One month has passed and my companions have called a dinner to discuss our next job. I’ve learned the public is not too kind to dwarf with one arm but I’m sure I’ll be fine in the company of the others right?

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Re: Dr. Bouchet, I Presume

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You just need some nutritious food in you and I'm sure you'll feel better!

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