Orlam Rolfson, Human Elementalist [SECONDARY]

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Orlam Rolfson, Human Elementalist [SECONDARY]

Post by Sharkforce » Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:54 am

Roll20 Name: Sharkforce
Discord ID: sharkforce#4983
Character Name: Orlam Rolfson
Race: Human

Lifetime Legend Total: 0
Unspent Legend: 0
Thread Item Points: 0
Silver: 2

Discipline: Elementalist
Circle: 1
Discipline Abilities
half-magic for knowledge of nature, the elements, uses of elemental magic, and other
magical rituals. The Elementalist may make a Perception-based Half-Magic test to detect the presence of elemental spirits within 30 yards. The Difficulty Number for sensing an elemental spirit is the spirit’s Mystic Defense. If the test succeeds, the character can sense the presence of the elemental spirit and can use spells, or talents such as Elemental Tongues and Elemental Hold, to communicate and interact with it. The gamemaster may choose to make this Half-Magic test on behalf of an Elementalist character at any time, as this innate sense is always active.

Dex: 13 (6 )
Str: 13 (6 )
Tou: 13 ()
Per: 16 (7)
Wil: 13 (6 )
Cha: 13 (6)

Karma Mod: 5
Karma Step: 4 (D6)
Karma Max: 6
Uncon: 29 (26 + durability 3)
Death: 36 (31 + durability 3 + circle 1)

PD: 8 (10 with shield)
PA: 0 (5 in armour)
MD: 9 (9 with shield)
MA: 2 (3 in armour)
SD: 8

Movement: 12
Carrying Capacity: 125
Wound Threshold: 9
Recovery tests per day: 3

Elementalist Talents
First Circle Discipline Talent: Awareness (1; Per)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Patterncraft (1; Per)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Spellcasting (3; Per)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Thread Weaving: Elementalism (3; Per)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Wood Skin (0; Tou)

Free Talent: Standard Matrix (1)
Free Talent: Standard Matrix (1)

Other Talents
Racial Talent: Versatility (0)

Talent Knacks

Air Armour (1)
Earth Darts (1)
Flameweapon (1)
Heat food (1)
Shelter (1)
Air Mattress (2)

Knowledge Skill: Barsaive History (1; Per)
Knowledge Skill: Botany (1; Per)

Read/Write Language: (1) (Throalic)
Speak Language: (2) (Throalic, Human)

Artisan Skill: Sculpting (1; Cha)
General Skill: Alchemy (3; Per)
General Skill: Navigation (2; Per)
General Skill: Avoid Blow (3; Dex)

Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Artisan Tools (Clay Sculpting Tools)
Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Trail Rations (1 week)
Hide Armour
Footman's Shield
Candle (5)
Chalk (5)
Scroll Case
Torches (2)
Water Skin
Rope (8 yds)

List each additional item on its own line

Threads Tied:

Animal Companions:

Brief Backstory: Orlam is ready to go out into the world beyond the gates of Throal and find his destiny. He's heard many stories of brave adepts going out into the wilds, making exciting discoveries and defeating dangerous monsters and horrors, and sometimes even coming back with great wealth. He has left an apprenticeship as an alchemist and enchanter to explore, discover, and overcome the enemies of Throal that would threaten the safety of not just the kingdom, but all of Barsaive.

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