Is there any "Crunch" for a Purifiers "Ritual of Cleansing"?

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Is there any "Crunch" for a Purifiers "Ritual of Cleansing"?

Post by ChrisDDickey » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:15 pm

Is the "Ritual of Cleaning" just various uses of "Earth Bond" and the "Purifier Spells"? Or is it a separate ritual? And if it is a separate ritual, what are the crunchy costs and effects?

So here is what we know from the fluff:Every Purifier learns various techniques to cleanse the Earth. It is a deeplypersonal act of kindness that comes directly from our souls ... requires a small sacrifice to the environment around you ..., Mine is an expression of understanding. ... I share with the Earth my sympathies for what ails them ...  Others recount the tale of ...  Some try to impress thenatural world with ...  There is no wrong way to perform the Ritual of Cleansing when you know howto speak with the Earth. ... It is a gift taught to us by our mentors. ...  From there, you must complete your pledge with an offering of your lifeforce. That small sacrifice spreads into the Earth like the soothing relief ofa good wine and soon the terrain renews, restoring to its former self. 
But I can't find anything specific about it. Is the "small sacrifice" some strain? Some Karma? Some Blood Magic? The only crunch on it I can find is that it might serve as a Quest for Jaspree. 

What does it do? At what costs? I kind of expect that I am going to get an answer back that it does exactly what the GM wants it to do, no more, and no less, but would rather get some guidance. 

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Re: Is there any "Crunch" for a Purifiers "Ritual of Cleansing"?

Post by Waijhou » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:57 pm

Could it be you suffer a wound for healing X amount of land ??

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