LFG [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020-7-11 1600 gmt

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LFG [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020-7-11 1600 gmt

Post by ChrisDDickey » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:48 pm

LFG: The Cavalry is coming!
Time: 2020-07-11 @16:00GMT (Sat noon Eastern)
GM: Chris D
Rating: 8H.
Eligible Characters: ECR 7 to 9.
Mission organized by: William Carver (Montaugh /Montaugh #3578)
Rumor: http://www.fasagames.com/forum/viewtopi ... =58&t=1911
William and his legendary Huttawa Charlie are becoming well known around Throal. William is finally listening to the pattern within him and he is answering its call to seek out a Cavalryman and see if he is worthy to receive training in the Cavalryman discipline.
A Throalic government official has reached out to William and asked if he and some companions might be willing to do a task for them.
Reward: Opening of Cavalryman, or Training as Cavalryman. Training in Cavalry Skills. Perhaps some other things as well.

Please sign up with the following.

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[b]Last time you (player) played:[/b] 
[b]Notable Abilities:[/b]

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Re: LFG [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020-7-11 1600 gmt

Post by bronzemountain » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:01 pm

Name: Dvarim Bolg
ECL: 8
Discipline: Weaponsmith / Elementalist
Quote/Unique: "Well, that ain't right."
Notable Abilities: Physician, Lock Pick, Chiseled Dwarven Good Looks
Downtime: Forge Weapon 8/19, Item History 4/15, Forge Armor 8/19, Craftsman (anything) 8/23
Last Game Played: 2020-06-27 (Mine Sweeper)

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Re: LFG [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020-7-11 1600 gmt

Post by Waijhou » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:23 pm

Name: Xeviouz
Last time you (player, not character) played: June 19, 2020
Circle: 7/2
Discipline: Warrior/Horror Stalker
Quote/Unique: Lets do this!
Notable Abilities: Sword & Board
Downtime: ---

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Re: LFG [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020-7-11 1600 gmt

Post by nathaniel » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:39 pm

Name: Jael
ECR: Will be 8 by game start.
Last Game: 6/29
Discipline: Beastmaster
Notable Abilities: Pets, Punching and Grappling
Downtime: Animal Training (Rank 7) 17

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Re: LFG [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020-7-11 1600 gmt

Post by Montaugh » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:41 pm

Name: William Carver
Date Last Played June 27th, 2020
ECR: 8 ( 157,375 LP)
Race: Human
Discipline: Scout 7 Thief 5, Journeyman 1
Quote/Unique: I'll get you there and back again.
Notable Abilities:
Talented: Locks/Traps, Stealth/Scouting, Ranged/Melee, map making. Animal bond/borrow. Safe Path! Sleeps with One Eye Open
Items: Pure Water Pot (cast the Purify Water spell, p. 190, with a Spellcasting and Effect Step of 8/2D6 on any liquid placed in them). Upandal's Blessings (tools that let him reroll failed artisan checks)
Potions: Kelia's Antidote (1), Booster Potion (3), Kelix's Poultice (1), Halt Illness Potion (1), Healing Potion (2), Last Chance Salve (2)
Mounted: Huttawa named Charlie
Downtime: Forge Weapon (3) Step 8, Research 7 Step (14) (17 with library access) Item History 5 (12).

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Re: LFG [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020-7-11 1600 gmt

Post by Shokunin » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:00 pm

Name: Vlolkir
ECR: 7
Last Game: 6/27
Discipline: Skyraider
Notable Abilities: Captive earth elemental!
Downtime: N/A

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Re: LFG [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020-7-11 1600 gmt

Post by ottdmk » Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:19 pm

Name: Dubhan Goronich
Date of Last Game Played (by player): 2020-06-29
Circle: 8 (ECR 9, 259,070 legend)
Discipline: Wizard
Unique: Spells (Buffs, Astral Sensing, Debuffs, etc.), Physician
Downtime: Research Step 24 (Don't bother with Library access)
Alchemy Step 11 (Booster Potions, Small Light Crystals, Kelix' Poultice) (2 Days Downtime).
Creation of Spell Matrix Objects: 5 days Downtime, 1,000 sp for Standard, 2,000 sp for Enhanced (Craft True Pattern Step 28). And yes, that's the 1/2 off price. :D
Design Enchanting Pattern: Minimum 4 TIPs, 2 weeks Downtime, contact for details
Craft True Pattern (i.e. create Thread Item): Requires a Pattern. 3 TIPs minimum, 2 weeks Downtime, contact for details

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