REQUEST [8H] Purify the Iron Delve liferock!

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REQUEST [8H] Purify the Iron Delve liferock!

Post by ChrisDDickey » Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:21 pm

Rumor: Iron Delve mine has been swept clear for now, but a (new? or maybe relocated?) liferock has been found within it! This liferock is heavily corrupted and has been occasionally spawning corrupted obsidimen called Dreamers. A noted obsidiman purifier known as "Om" believes he can purify the life-rock through a multi-day ritual of cleansing. But thinks it likely that whatever horror corrupted the liferock will detect it's efforts and may come to contest it's possession. Location: The mine at Iron Delve village.
Circle: ECL 8
Reward: This will count as a Purifier Ordeal. And maybe a quest for Jaspree. And maybe a quest for Garlen (liferock = home). Heck I am sure Upendal would love to see the mine working, and Lochest must hate to see the Obsidimen enslaved by the horrors! Astander is probably the only Passion without any skin in this game!But Zil is going to use it as a Purifier Ordeal to become a purifier. 
Benefit: Lets make this mine safe and productive!
Notable NPCs: Obsidiman Elder, known as "Om" to all those who don't bother to learn his full name, is one of the most senior purifiers in Barsaive.  (base discipline up to GM)

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