Request: ECL 8H The Cavalry is coming!

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Request: ECL 8H The Cavalry is coming!

Post by Montaugh » Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:59 am

Player: William Carver (Montaugh /Montaugh #3578)
Rumor: William and his legendary Huttawa Charlie are becoming well known around Throal. William is finally listening to the pattern within him and he is answering its call to seek out a Cavalryman and see if he is worthy to receive training in the Cavalryman discipline.
Location: Any
Circle: ECL: 8 Hard
Reward: Training as Cavalryman, perhaps half price off mounts.
Benefit: More Cavalrymen traveling the roads to scout and expand our knowledge.
Notable NPCs: Human Cavalryman Becky Holland.

Player AvailabilityI would really like to do this on July 11th at 12pm EST, that is 4pm GMT if possible.

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