Once Upon a Time in the West (4?)

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Once Upon a Time in the West (4?)

Post by Brian L » Sat May 23, 2020 9:40 pm

Player: Reyis Poriv (Brian)
Rumor: The MacGuffin family, prominent landowners before the Scourge and upper class within the Kaer, left the Kaer as early as possible to secure the family estates before settlers and land grabbers got to it. They managed to settle down and hold their plantation against the wild. Adepts seem to be common in the family.
T’Svan Spiketail a T’Skrang caravan master, passed the manor house and reports it as damaged and there was no visible activity there. No investigation was made (because caravan), but she is reporting it to the authorities. Find out what happened to the family, manor, and associated workers. No refugees have been reported.
Location: One of the plains hexes west of town. I don’t know exactly what is where, but an area large enough for a Plantation, that is near a traveled route.
Circle: I am currently ECR 3. So, ECR 3-4 (there seem to be a lot of 5’s out there)
Reward: Nothing special. Service to Thoral (possible discounts on goods, library, training…) You get that good feeling for doing what is right.
Benefit: Continued security for the local area.
Notable NPCs: T’Svan Spiketail a T’Skrang caravan master. She reported the incident.
Ruadh MacGuffin-Dwarven Patriarch of the MacGuffin clan. (not appearing-likely to show up later)
Liusaidh MacGuffin-Dwarven Matriarch of the MacGuffin clan. (not appearing-likely to show up later)
They claim the house and lands in this area.
Lursel-Obsidimen manager of the estate. May or may not appear GM’s discretion. Use her, abuse her, kill her, raise her again...Your call.

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