What is wrong with Angus?

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What is wrong with Angus?

Post by Brian L » Fri May 22, 2020 5:27 pm

Player: Reyis Poriv (Brian)
Rumor: Angus MacGuffin the prodigal son of the MacGuffin family, prominent landowners before the Scourge and upper class within the Kaer, rode away from his family into the woods west of town. He set up a small cabin (in the woods) and proceeded to live the life of a solitary Beastmaster. Recently there have been complaints about him. Rather than being the solitary recluse that comes into town occasionally for supplies, he is now harassing local farmers.
Sub-Rumor: (GM’s call if you want any of this) Something has happened with Angus. Whether he just needs a good talking to, become horror touched, found a passion and gone ecoterrorist on the farmers, or just filled his stash with tainted weed…. Something has changed in his life. Hopefully it can be fixed with more than just a simple killin’.
Location: One of the forest hexes west of town. I don’t know exactly what is where, but an area with enough open space for solitude, and a few days travel from supplies (pretty standard Beastmaster schtick).
Circle: I am currently ECR 3, but Mazor would also likely be interested in the rewards. So adjust accordingly, please.
Reward: Well, both of us are looking for companion type animals of various types. A recluse would probably have mounts, some guardian/watchers, and possibly combat critters. Mazor is looking for Foxel among others. BTW-until the reward is given, all of these neat creature options can be minions of the GM.
Benefit: As with any rural situation, more so when the wildlife can be horror touched cadaver-squirrels, the occasional welfare/wellness visits are necessary. The party would be a visible source of assurance that “Thoral cares”. It would also (if successful) solve the immediate problem.
Notable NPCs: Angus MacGuffin-Beastmaster/crazy hermit/local nuisance. Dwarf.

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