Kaers & Liferocks

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Kaers & Liferocks

Post by RichardPF » Mon Dec 02, 2019 2:06 am

When Kaers, of mixed-Name Givers, were constructed before the Scourge, did any include Liferocks?

Could Obsidimen survive in a Kaer, for hundreds of years during the Scourge, without a Liferock?

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Re: Kaers & Liferocks

Post by Bonhumm » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:45 am

Liferocks cannot be moved (....I assume) so unless a liferock was actually already located in a place where building a kaer/citadel would be convenient I would say no.

I am sure there was a few cases where the situation above actually did happen but it should not be very common.

As for Obsidimen living the Scourge outside a liferock: sure, why not? If there is more than 1 of them they can do that 1-on-1 merging thing anyway if they feel the need to 'merge' but otherwise this would only look like a long break for them and they would likely be more adapted than other races at living underground for centuries at a time.

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Re: Kaers & Liferocks

Post by Sharkforce » Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:06 am

there does not seem to be any firm restriction that an obsidiman *must* merge with their liferock with any set frequency, so i would imagine that surviving in a kaer that does not include their liferock in it is possible. probably not enjoyable, but possible.

i do seem to recall mention that some liferocks were corrupted by horrors, but i can't recall any specific mention regarding what kinds of protective magics those liferocks may or may not have had. i got the impression that those liferocks were largely unprotected with many obsidimen contained in them, but actual clear statements to that effect? i'm not sure.

in any event, i see no particular reason to presume that a liferock *can't* be in a cave which could be turned into a kaer with no more difficulty than any other cave, and i imagine some of them at least were located underground in some way or another. but given the therans have previously landed a gigantic ship on one and fused with it, obviously not all of them are. and we know that some cities used magical barriers to try to protect themselves, so it is possible that obsidimen used something along those lines to protect their home liferocks in at least some instances.

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Re: Kaers & Liferocks

Post by Belenus » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:28 am

I think once molten with the life rock, they won't / can't leave it anymore, but I'm not sure about this one.
I only know of one restriction when an obsidiman must merge with his liferock: The oldest living obsidiman gets a call that it is his time to get back.

Perhaps they used citadels to protect the life rock just like for example Travar? Being a lumb of elemental earth and living beings, it even already has a strong natural protection.
And Sharkforce is correct, there were some corrupted or even destroyed liferocks.
Since an obsidiman always has a faint connection to it, this ofc. isn't good for his psyche :P

For Obsidiman in kaers: This was mostly the case. They have a ritual were they fall in some kind of sleep (not the 1 on 1 merging think, just for themselves). But this too was quite exhausting. Even so they must not merge with their liferock with any set frequency, they still need to communication to it and the other obsidiman.

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