High circle adepts in the books . . . ?

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High circle adepts in the books . . . ?

Post by Michael » Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:06 pm

So I am reading through the Travar book again because everyone ends up there at one point or another. There are a LOT of high circle adepts listed in the book. I mean one is a 12th circle warrior! Forget the ghostmaster ritual, I know where I can get trained my whole life.

So I'm not looking for an explanation as to why so many high circle NPCs. Instead, how do I deal with adepts finding a high level trainer so easily? I've played all the versions of ED and I always felt that finding a trainer, say after 8th, was a quest all to itself.

Can I really just expect the players to accept a "No, I'm busy" or "I don't train adepts anymore"? I mean if I'm a 12th circle warrior adept and a 10-11 wants training, don't I owe it to my Discipline to bring another high circle warrior into the world?

I know some are going to say make the asking price so high that it can't be met but that also seems sort of unfair. I suppose that a term of service in defense of the city for say a year, or serve as bodyguard to a delegation for a few months or something like that.


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Re: High circle adepts in the books . . . ?

Post by Slimcreeper » Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:26 pm

Disclosure: I’ve never had a campaign go this far.

My thoughts: They are not just busy they are shaping the world. They have agendas, enemies, and allies. Training is a Large Favor, and the players might need to do something to prove themselves or earn the Favor. Then, accepting the training might be a political statement that puts the players on one side of a serious conflict. And the trainer might feel on the hook for what the PCs do with their new power

Ultimately you want your players to get training, though, right? You just want your GMCs to be believable, textured characters.

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Re: High circle adepts in the books . . . ?

Post by Sharkforce » Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:23 pm

yeah, i'd say the challenge mostly isn't in becoming aware of a high circle adept (they're probably quite famous), it's getting to actually meet them (a lot of them will either be out adventuring or have various intermediaries that they work through) and persuading them to take you on as a student when they probably have dozens of people constantly wanting them to do things, and they can't possibly do all of them.

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