Important Errata Regarding ED Companion Knacks

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Important Errata Regarding ED Companion Knacks

Post by Mataxes » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:40 pm

We recently discovered a major bit of significant errata in the Earthdawn Companion regarding knacks. This includes missing rules text, as well as a tag that applies to some knacks.

The tag is "Standard Effects". It means the normal usage and results for the talent apply, with the knack providing an enhanced or bonus effect. In many cases the rules text makes this obvious, but it should have been included for clarity. If a knack is not marked with "Standard Effects" the knack replaces the normal usage for the talent.

Standard Effects applies to the following knacks:
* Acrobatic Recovery
* Control the Tempo
* Forsee Aggression
* Take the Hit
* Mobile Interference
* Against the Horror
* Other Sense
* Savage Limbs
* Spider Climb
* Accompaniment
* Telling the Tale
* Astral Survey
* Cold Case
* Efficient Armor Forging
* Efficient Weapon Forging
* Improvised Weapon
* Improved Improvised Weapon
* Flare
* Point-Bank Shot
* Precise Shot
* Claw Riposte
* Astral Stealth
* Traceless Stride
* Throw Anything
* Glide
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