AAR: Gotta Keep my Customers Satisfied [2M]

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AAR: Gotta Keep my Customers Satisfied [2M]

Post by Reyntrannin » Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:21 am

AAR: Gotta Keep my Customers Satisfied
Time: 2018-09-04 @ 23:00 GMT (7:00 PM EDT)
GM: ReynTrannin
Circle: 2/3 (based on sign-ups)
Difficulty: Medium

Player rewards:
Bob, 800 Legend, 230sp, 3TIP's
Celemir, 800 Legend, 55 Silver, 3 TIP's, 1 Booster, 1 Healing
Yotra, 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 80 Silver, Healing Potion
Aanorn, 800 Legend, 205sp, 3TIP's, 1 Booster

GM Reward:
Blaethynn,6,000 Legend, 850 sp, 1 TIP

Additional notes:
Vashir suffered a greivous injury which has ended both his adventuring career and his life.
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Re: AAR: Gotta Keep my Customers Satisfied [2M]

Post by etherial » Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:22 am

An illuminated page from the Tome of Eternal Power

3 Riag, 1424 T.H.
Yvonne sent word for Adventurers to help acquire rare ingredient for client. She promised poison glands of cockatrice to someone but is fresh out of cockatrice and needs Adepts to bring one back to her. Celemir recalls that Cockatrixes can be found in Northen Plains West of Throal, and off we went. We had plan where I used Displace Image on Aanorn and Bob to prevent them from being savaged by Cockatrice attacks.

5 Riag
Continuing West, we encounter group of Wolves. Bob forgot plan and split off from Aanorn. I do not like rewarding bad behaviour, but Bob looked like he needed defending so I cast Displace Image Spell on him and myself. This was very effective, but I was sadly mistaken about who was in danger. Wolf attacking Vashir savaged him and we were unable to save him. Remaining wolves were unable to break illusion and Celemir was able to stay outside range of wolves, and thus we remained uninjured for rest of battle.

6 Riag
In middle of night, Harpies attack Aanorn. Bob is taunted by Harpies and is very sad but wakes us. Celemir and I prepare to help comrades but Aanorn is injured by Harpies. Before I can cast spell, Celemir kills Harpies dead with arrows. Aanorn is knocked out but responds well to treatment.

7 Riag
Celemir finds Cockatrice Spoor and we hatch plan. I keep everyone hidden until we sneak up on Cockatrice. Then we kill it. Celemir removes poison glands, Aanorn becomes too sick to move. Good day but vomit everywhere.

Aanorn, male Windling Troubadour
Bobitanthalnasatrythomoloso, Obsidiman Warrior
Celemir, male Elf Woodsman
Vashir, male Elf Archer
Yotra, female Troll Illusionist

Yvonne, female Dwarf Fence

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Re: AAR: Gotta Keep my Customers Satisfied [2M]

Post by ottdmk » Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:50 pm

From the battle logs of Bobitanthalnasatrythomoloso:

I accepted a job from a dwarven merchant, one Yvonne, to slay a cockatrice for her and return with the poison glands. With me were colleagues from my last job, Yotra, Vashir and Aanorn. We were joined by a Woodsman named Celemir. I was grateful for his presence; his skills and talents proved essential. For one thing, the merchant didn't even know that what she needed was from a cockatrice! Bad information gets Adepts killed; we were lucky that Celemir recognized the beast from her description of it.

Sadly, not only bad information kills Adepts. We encountered a wolf pack on our travels, and one of them ripped Vashir's throat out. Sigh. He was a good colleague, and might have become a good friend.

Nevertheless, we carried on with out quest. We encountered harpies. Their insults practically paralyzed me, but fortunately there were but two, and my colleagues distracted them while I gathered my wits. Thanks mostly to Celemir's arrows they were slain.

Finally, we found the hunting grounds of a cockatrice. With our combined abilities we quickly slew the beast. The only one to be poisoned was Celemir, who had prepared himself with a dose of Kelia's Antidote in advance. I must obtain some of this substance soon!

As we were preparing to go home, Aanorn fell victim to a disease he contracted during the harpy fight. As a result, he was miserable for the entire trip home.

Now that we are back, I will be visiting the Grand Bazaar. With the payment from this latest job I shall purchase Blood Pebble armor.

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Re: AAR: Gotta Keep my Customers Satisfied [2M]

Post by ender3rd » Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:55 pm

Yvonne needs adventurers to fulfill a special request. Supply exotic ingredient agreed without actually having any in stock. Cockatrice venom glands. Provided a pot of Grumbah to preserve the specimen in. Did not provide any poultices or antidotes. Aanorn, Bob, Celemir, Yotra, and Vashir all joined the quest.

Set off to the northwest, doing well navigating and providing sustenance. 2 days out from Throal a small pack of wolves attacked! Started running them off with Celemir wounding them and the rest of the group tanking. Unfortunately while somewhat separated from the group Vashir was hit by a lucky blow to the throat and bled out. Yotra managed a displacing illusion which kept the wolves from hurting anyone else while Celemir and Bob killed or drove off the rest.

The third night after we left Throal Harpies landed on the rock I had claimed to sleep on. Their insults touched a nerve in Bob and a bit of myself as well. I was hit several times and knocked unconscious by my own eagerness for the kill. Upon waking I found that Yotra had bound my wounds and treated a disease which was beginning to infect my body.

The fourth day from Throal we began to see #Cockatrice tracks, eventually, Celemir found us a path to the target. With magical Cloaks protecting us we tried to sneak up on the Cockatrice. It was partially successful. We did not surprise it, but it generally did not surprise us. We took the opportunity to prepare ourselves to engage with the enemy. Wood skin, Displace Image, antidote, etc. were used.

Once engaged the cockatrice attacked our Woodsman Celemir who was the only one to bring antidote with him. Damage was minimal. This also exposed it to the full force of our attacks. With Bob getting an opening at it's back and Celemir maneuvering for advantage the battle was not a long one. Celemir harvested the poison sack and victory was declared.

Fever dreams are no good at all.

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Re: AAR: Gotta Keep my Customers Satisfied [2M]

Post by BattleChad » Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:25 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Aanorn, Bob, and Yotra for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 40 Legend Points and 57 silver