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Re: Companion Enchanting

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ChrisDDickey wrote:
Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:03 pm
LouP wrote:
Tue Nov 20, 2018 6:20 pm
I think I understand the point here, but I'm not sure this makes a lot of sense in terms of world building. This means that either Enchanting is *extremely* common and is practiced by craftsmen of all kinds (cobblers, clothiers, blacksmiths, etc.), or Enchanters also have *lots and lots* of craftsmen skills. Neither of these seems ideal or plausible (IMO, of course).
I think the "world building" sense, is not that enchanters are common, but that each enchanter is also a master craftsman in one, or possibly two other skills. There would be clans somewhere churning out 'Boots of the Huntsman' using the pattern left to them by great-great-grand-pappy. They are enchanters and master cobblers. If they also had or were provided with a pattern for 'Dry boots', they could also make those (since they are enchanters and master cobblers), but there is no way that they could make a magic cloak or a magic ring since they are not master weavers or jewelers. There are weaver/enchanters and jeweler/enchanters that make those those things.

I think the practical low-down for adventurers on this, however, is that practically speaking, enchanting common magic items is almost the sole province of NPC's. It is not worth a PCs time. I am fine with that, I always felt that adventurers ought to be out adventuring, not puttering around in a workshop.
To add to this, it makes perfect sense (to me) that enchanting an existing item (e.g.: everclean cloak) would require knowledge of how said item is made or you can't possibly figure out how to weave the magical components into the item without destroying it. Wither way, ground up making or modifying existing things, you need to know how the thing works and is built to do it.
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