AAR: Expedition to Kratas.

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AAR: Expedition to Kratas.

Post by Draevinn » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:14 am

AAR: Expedition to Kratas.
Time: (Wed Sep 19th @ 23:59)
GM: Shawn (Grom)
Circle: 9
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Gronk Longtusk: 3 TIPs, 39,000 Legend, 2,900 Silver
Caeda: 3 TIPs, 39,000 Legend, 2,900 Silver
Varis: 3 TIPs, 39,000 Legend, 2,900 Silver
Romari: 3 TIPs, 39,000 Legend, 2,900 Silver(edited)
Thane: 3 TIPs, 39,000 Legend, 2,900 Silver

GM Reward:
Blaethynn: 800 Legend, 185 sp, 1 TIP

Downtime Actions:
Romari : Item History 21 (Rank 6, x2 Karma)
Research 34 (Rank 9, x2 Karma)
Gronk: Forge Weapon Step 9 (Rank 1)
Varis: Item History Step 16 (Rank 4), Research Step 25 (Rank 4) (Requires 20 Silver for Library)

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Re: AAR: Expedition to Kratas.

Post by etherial » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:39 am

From the journal of Gronk Longtusk

19 Borrum, 1424 T.H.
The recent scouting mission to SW Barsaive identified Kratas as a potential hive of Horror activity (and treasure) and Thane and Romari have convinced a merchant company that has its own airship to invest in an exploratory excursion they've undertaken.

20 Borrum
The crew spotted a building that appeared to be intact and dropped us off near it. We quickly dispatched some giant spiders that thought we might make a good lunch and began to examine the building. Romari detected heavy warding upon it and we began to wonder if maybe some of its treasure was intact.

20 Borrum (Continued)
Thane took the lead through the house, going wherever Varis directed him. He found arrow traps, pit traps, a knife trap, and even some fire traps (we think, Thane set a bunch off accidentally but not that one). Deep in the main hall was a trio of Greater Wormskulls. I tried to Defiantly Shout at them to cow them against using Terror, but it turns out I picked the weakest of them.

Ceadda engaged with another while the third rendered me unconscious. The two spellcasters kept the Wormskulls busy while Thane revived me and I was able to get the last word in cowering behind a corner.

Ceadda, male Human Warrior
Gronk Longtusk, male Ork Archer/Liberator
Romari Savre, male Elf Wizard/Traveled Scholar
Thane Cawdor, male Troll Sky Raider
Varis, male Dwarf Elementalist/Wizard

Natasha Skyweaver, female Elf Troubador, Captain of the Widow’s Gasp

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Re: AAR: Expedition to Kratas.

Post by ChrisDDickey » Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:19 am

From the journal of Thane Cawdor.

In 1416 TH, the Earthdawn discovered that Kratas did not survive the Scourge.
Recently our expedition to Sky Point overflew Kratas and witnessed the dome of stone that was constructed shortly before the scourge to cover the city was broken or missing, possibly destroyed in a landslide. The expedition was attacked by Greater Wingflayers at the site, indicating that horrors are lingering in the ruins. We decided to investigate Kratas more closely.

I was talking to Natasha Sky-Weaver, first mate of the Widows Gasp, a Midsized trader converted to military use. She introduced me to Captain Dumar Bloodrain, who agreed to drop a small group off outside of Kratus and wait the daylight hours for us to do a preliminary foray. This saved us weeks of walking time. He dropped us off in the NW corner of the city where entering the city was no problem at all, since the dome had completely tumbled to the ground in this area such that there was not even a remnant of the old city walls to clamber over.

Most of the buildings near the edge of the city had suffered greatly by the collapse of the dome of stone, but there was one that seemed to be constructed extraordinarily sturdy, and we decided to explore it first. As we approached, we saw many spiderwebs, some of the webs were as thick as my thumb, so we knew that some species of giant spider was about. 3 Kaer Spiders attempted to ambush us with fair success (I was looking at two of them when another first attacked me), however we quickly slew them.

The building we had determined to explore first had some glyphs upon the door, which Gronk disabled with his bow. The entry way had beautiful stone busts and statues. We soon determined that it was the home of the wealthy "Goldsmith" family of dwarves. Aside from the glyphs upon the door, we also ether spotted or sprung (with no ill effect) a pit trap, an arrow trap, a flame-thrower trap and a guillotine trap among others.

In an audience chamber we spotted 3 Greater Wormskulls, which messed us up horribly. I was unable to even attempt a Heartening Laugh until after one of them used it's fearsome Terrify power upon us, and after that none of my Buff powers worked. I also got covered in maggots, which harried me horribly. The truly terrible thing was that I was skin shifted twice! Which gave me wounds to numerous to count, but from then on I was unable to succeed at anything. Gronk was also down, and only one of the Wormskulls had been destroyed, so after I whiffed all of my attacks, and feeling myself very close to unconsciousness, I grabbed Gronk and ran for the door. Outside the door, Gronk woke up and he and I did some fireblood tests and I shook all the maggots off, but I was still way too close to fainting. Fortunately Ceadda, Veris, and Romari managed to destroy the remaining two.

We regrouped, Veris performed Cold Purify on all my wounds (at which point we counted 9 of them) and I took all of my recovery tests, so I was no longer mostly dead. I accompanied the others as they explored the rest of the building. But I was pretty useless due to my Skin Shift wounds. We determined that the building was now safer, and are considering using it as a forward base on further attempts. We reactivated all the traps on our way out.

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Re: AAR: Expedition to Kratas.

Post by BattleChad » Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:43 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Thane and Gronk for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 1,950 Legend Points and 725 Silver