Timeline 1421

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Timeline 1421

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Strassa 1421 10/30/17 - 11/5/17
Piabach's Faire Macabre - Residents of Borgan’s Rest are acting very strange when a travelling carnival enters the town. A mysterious entity who calls himself Piabach informs us that the carnival is twisted and needs to be cured. Two spirits of recently deceased thieves had corrupted the fair through the use of a grimoire.
Genhis supply and demand - Undead Genhis of Raggok were causing problems near Borgan’s Rest. Got some intell on the location of the Kaer influenced by Raggok.
Line Dancing - A Troll wedding at the Iceclaw Moot has been influenced by most likely the Passion of Chorollis.

Veltom 1421 (11/6/17 - 11/12/17)
Wilds Foot Expedition 34-A - A new trading house has some intel of something valuable inside the Kaer of Sosonapa. Outside the town they run into some Cadavar men who appear to be sane and not aggressive. They request the party destroys the crystals inside the village to set them free. In return they will show the party into the crypt. The village on the other hand says they are having problems with the undead and request the cadaver men be killed for entry. No resolution was resolved and the village of Sosonapa are distrustful. Cypts are still unopened. Cadavarmen are still alive or not free. Mysterious amulets are still guarded
Fine dining - Merchant Skorot wanted some special ingredients for a Naming Day party. Sent the party to collect from globberog's and Crackbills.
Avon Calling - A new Kaer in the Throal mines was opened up by a band of adventurers. The Kaer consisted primarily of elves.
Absent Minded Tinkerer - Collected various items scattered south of Throal for a tinkerer named Brimbli

Charassa 1421 (11/13/17 - 11/19/17)
Piabach's Faire MacabreA farmer outside Borgan's Rest requested aid for some missing farm animals. A group of adventurers went to the farm and encountered the thieving bandits. The tracked the bandits back to their cave where the fight went poorly. Luckily all adventurers returned but the bandits escaped and their whereabouts and goals remain unknown.
Scouting the madness - A scouting mission discovering the exact location of the kaer of the Cultists of Raggok.
Kaer crashing for the wolf father - An assault on the kaer of the Cultists of Raggok to acquire a book for the Wolf Father.What lies deeper in the Kaer and how populated the kaer is still unknown. How many pockets of cultists have already spread out? Who is the wolf father?

Rua 1421 (11/20/17 - 11/26/17)
Excape of L'Krusk the Infamous - A leader of an gang escaped from prison and was tracked down.
Expedition: Servos! 45-B: This time it's profitable - Fortune Fields Industries tricked Gordad Treasureborn of the Cubrews Trading Alliance to get Adepts to find Xena Rockpile and her alchemy island. Adepts ran into the mysterious Piabok who challenged them to some search and find. Fortune Fields now has location of the island and is ruthless in its business practices outside of Throal.
Windling Home? - Scouted out the location for a future Windling village. A fine explorer and Air Sailor Bortruk was laid to rest.
Confluence of Forces - The X'Egirathla II headed South to study the confluence of rivers heading down to the Serpent. One of the river's channels all the elementals were corrupted. In a joint effort with sane elementals the river branch was cleansed. During the turn of events it appears Jexel the Elven thief was actually a Doppler. How long was Jexel a Horror and are there any other Dopplers

Mawag 1421 (11/27/17 - 12/3/17)
Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A - Cubrews Trading Alliance was seeking assistance with escorting a trade convoy escort to the newly opened elven Kaer and beginning trade negotiations. More bandits appear to taking advantage of the roads.
Wyrm Wood Botanicals - A merchant sends adventures out to the edges of the Wyrm Wood for botanical supplies. A terrible curse has befallen Wyrm Wood and is now referred to Blood Wood. Blood dominates the floor of the forest and the Elves have thorns all over their bodies which constantly drip blood. More bandits and it is unknown if the Elves of Blood Wood are cursed or horror marked.

Gahmil 1421 (12/4/17-12/10/17)
Bandits: Threat or Menace? - Bandits are raiding the roads south of Throal. A group of adventures cleared one bandit hideout in a cave.Interrogations with the survivors show their is a main hideout in an abandoned mine just south of Throal. They use their vantage point to mark caravans
First Contact - Discovered a primitive group of namegivers that survived the Scourge in a magician's cave in the jungle.
Taste of Home - Another expedition to Wyrm Wood to see about the corruption. Peaceful meeting with a "Blood Elf" but the rest of the wood is twisted and dangerous. Appears the Elfs did this to themselves to protect themselves from the Horrors, claims bonded with a Wood Elemental.

Raquas 1421 (12/11/17-12/17/17)
Kudzu Complications - Questor of Jaspree caused rampant growth of fauna in the plains on the road to Sosonopa.
Runic Circles - Windling… Investigated a Windling Runic Circle. The circle had cooking recipes and a Riddle "We live in harmony of all the races, all together as one. After passing the test of the races, proceed to the heart and unlock the key to our home." It also responded to an Illusionists magic and when activated marked.What are the marks for. Appears to be eight runic circles. Where could the other circles be and what is their nature? Just a giant cookbook? Location of another Kaer?
It Belongs in a Library -


Sollus 1421 (12/18/17-12/24/17)
(mostly) Aimless wandering... What could go wrong? - Another group of adventurers went scouting for fertile farmland and for another Runic Circle. The convergance of the Coil River and of its main tributaries was the target. Unfortunately the discovered Pre-Scourge ruins the is completely corrupted.The bandits are becoming more a problem and bolder. The ruined city is overran with Horrors and Constructs.
Stajian Grounds - Eckhert Ivyclimber has interest in acquiring some large beasts of burden the Staijan. A mismatched group herds the beasts back from the plains west of Sosonopa. The group also stopped by the center octagonal stone of the circles to determine which ones were tied to Nethermancy
Random Wanderings of a Dwarf Named Varis - A group of adventurers hire a scribe from the Library of Throal to explore more of the runic circles. Discover the Dwarf/Elementalist circle near the Iceclaw Moot. Circle riddle reads "We live in harmony of all the races, all together as one. Stand to the right of the entrance of the sunset mountain. After passing the test of the races, proceed to the heart and unlock the key to our home.”

Riag 1421 (12/25/17-12/31/17)
A group of adventurers went to the Elvish Elementalist Runic Circle and the Human Wizard Circle. Seems creatures attack any of the groups that examine the circles too closely. What do these marks do? The Human Wizard Circle is still not attuned as the group was chased off by Storm Wolves.
Ghoulish Rescue - Membes of caravan near Sosonopa were abducted by Ghouls. The area around Sosonopa has Bandits, Ghouls and Dopplers. Sosonopa's town leader Ivon lead the group into a Horror's trap.Many if not all of Sosonopa are Horror Marked and many may actually be Dopplers. The city needs to be cleansed one way or another.
Absent-Minded Tinker, Redux - A local Alchemist (Brimbli Elwick Bizzspanner) is seeking ingredients from outside the Gates.Located a inhospitable Beastmaster in solitude. Also some bandits this time with Wolf-head armor.

Teayu 1421 (1/1/18 - 1/7/18)
Laboratory Retriever - Went to rescue some missing members of a Fortune Fields Industries expedition Inner Politics of Swamp People and Forest People
Wilds Foot Expedition 34-C: Return to Sosonopa - Expedition from the Curbews Trading Allience to gather personal materials from the catacombs of Sosonoppa. Continued Doppler Horror activity near and in Sosonnopa with the town leader Ivon being one of the pod people. Another group trailed us to Sosonoppa, they were warned but continued on.
Runic Circles: Orc and Human -

Borrum 1421 1/8/18 - 1/14/18
Wild Things - A group of adventurers helped a farmer clear out some beasts only to find it was children stealing his crops.
Founding of Merrith - Helped some colonists heading to set up a town near the Old Kaer the Cultists of Raggok came from. On the way the caravan was attacked by a corrupt Nethermancer who used Masks to enslave others to his will.During the battle the Nethermancer was able to open an Astral Portal which summoned a Horror. The Horror's current location is unknown
Scum and Villainy - Cleared out a group of Bandits just south of Throal Bandit leader appeared to be a copy of the Elementalist known as Irwin E. Hopperton. Was this another Doppler?
Runic Circles: T'skrang and Troll -

Doddul 1421 1/15/18 - 1/21/18
Sunrise on the Healing Pool - Deep in the Southern Throalic Mountains a group of adventurers discovered and restored a sacred healing pool of Garlen. The hidden pool was guarded by a lurking horror but once it was cleared the healing magic is restored.