AAR: The Dread Pirate 'Gharan

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AAR: The Dread Pirate 'Gharan

Post by Fortesque » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:44 am

The Flying Travarian
Time: 2018-06-17@23:00 GMT
GM: Fortesque (Whyr'wyndyl)
Circle: 7
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Thane: 13000 LP, 1525 Silver, 3 TI Points, Travelers mug
Ceadda: 13000 LP, 1700 Silver, 3 TI Points
Romari: 13000 LP, 1700 Silver, 3 TI Points
Aegy: 13000 LP, 1700 Silver, 3 TI Points
Varis: 13000 LP, 1700 Silver, 3 TI Points

Downtime Actions Available:
Romari: Alchemy 7 (Rank 3; Booster Potion, Kelia’s Antidote, Kelix's Poultice)
Romari: Map Making 8 (Rank 1)
Romari: Item History 16 (Rank 4)
Romari: Research 31 (Rank 8, 20 sp)
Varis: Item History: Step 16 (Rank 4)
Varis: Research: Step 24 (Rank 3) (requires 20 silver for Library)
Aeggy: Alchemy: 12 (rank 5, Booster Potion, Kelia's Antidote, Kelix's Poultice)
Researchers may spend 20/2 Silver for +3 Steps

Further Information:
The Dread Pirate 'Gharan was revealed to be a doppler...then was slain, beheaded, de-spurred, burnt and forgotten.
House Ishkarat declared Throal adventurers as having "bad diplomacy"

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Re: AAR: The Dread Pirate 'Gharan

Post by ChrisDDickey » Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:30 am

From the journal of Thane Cawdor.

Young adventurers who travel north from Throal speak of a pirate along the northern Serpent River who uses guile and subterfuge to steal hard-earned coin and treasures. The Winking Fisher is a single masted cog and a bad omen for anyone trying to avoid paying the river tax to the Dread Pirate 'Gharan - who, mysteriously, matches the description of Aegharan, notable Thief and Illusionist of Throal.

Since the pirate looks exactly like Aegharan, we immediately suspected yet another doppler. We asked around among those who had seen the Cog, and found that the pirate crew numbered around 20. We did research, both before leaving Throal, and once we arrived at the river, and determined that the pirate most likely had a base in map coordinate 32:08. We arrived and found a hut, hidden from casual observation by banks of rock.

We quickly found two things of note. The mages found a very large Water Elemental in the river. Those of us examining the Hut found that it apparently had no door. Eventually a hidden door was found, and a trap upon it. Aegharan disabled the trap and opened it. I said I would enter as soon as Aegharan had entered, so that he could check the place for traps. He entered, but apparently did not check for traps. I entered, and thinking he had already checked for traps, did not bother doing so as well. There were many crates of loot stored within the hut. Seeing that there was something in the rafters went to a spot far away from the ladder (to avoid any possible traps upon the ladder) tried to pull myself up. Instead I pulled the rafters down. There was much poison powder stored in the rafters, and it bellowed out engulfing anybody inside the hut or near the door. I got a double dose of it, but my Iron Constitution shook off the effects.

In the meantime Veris had been attempting to talk to the Elemental, who was attempting to ignore him. Eventually The elemental agreed to talk to him, and challenged him to a contest in "skipping shells". I did a credible throw, but Romari's use of the Hypervelocity spell would certainly have won, however various members of the party started reporting that they could hear the doppler speaking in their head (!) and the Elemental suddenly decided to attack. I called a warning, Activated the "Attack of the Stripes" ability of my cloak, and took a step back (knowing that water elemental like to engulf large groups of targets). It did seem to Engulf Veris, Aegharan and Ceadda, but when the wave of water was cleared, all 4 were gone without a trace. Romari declared there was a door in the river. I saw the pirate Cog approaching from downriver, but still several minutes away.

I dropped my coil of rope, grabbed one end, and dove into the water, opened the door and swam towards the pocket of air Romari said contained our companions. Romari tied the other end to a rock and followed. The others had destroyed the Elemental before I arrived, however my rope was helpful in allowing them to climb out. We arrived as the Pirate ship was docking. I was last on the rope so I could assist anybody who needed help (and towing Romari), so Veris and Ceadda had mostly dealt with the pirates on deck by the time I got on deck. The 2nd wave of Pirates, and the doppler, who did indeed look exactly like Aegharan came on deck. These Pirates, seeing how quickly we had taken out the pirates who were on deck, surrendered and offered the pirate leader. The doppler dove into the water, but was blasted by spells from above, and I great leaped down upon him spear first. He was dead in seconds.

I towed the body to shore and again collected the dopplers head and stinger. I asked if Aegharan wanted them, but he just wanted to burn them, so instead I just burned the body, but kept the head and stinger and later preserved them in jars of alcohol.

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Re: AAR: The Dread Pirate 'Gharan

Post by Dougansf » Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:33 pm

From the Travel Journal of Varis

The Doppler of Aegharan has begun terrorizing the northern Serpent river with a crew of pirates. Aeggy calls a group together to take him out.

We start by researching where the pirate has been active, and then try navigating out way around the most likely places he may have set up a headquarters. In the end, the journals of the survivors prove the most helpful, combined with Aeggy laying down false rumors on the streets to keep the Pirates from catching wind of our efforts.

We head to 32:08 where we expect the camp to be.

Day 5

We find one of his bolt hole camps, a hut concealed by standing rocks at the juncture of a tributary to the Serpent. The tributary water seems higher than it should be, and there’s a powerful water spirit in it. The spirit ignores my attempt to speak to it, seemingly annoyed that I spotted it at all.

The hut seems to have no entrances, and Aeggy seems to think it could be an illusion. I notice that there’s a lot of pollen around, and eventually we use that to find an entrance. Ceadda finds a hidden recessed ring that becomes a handle, and Aeggy finds a poison needle trap on the handle, disarming it. Inside is an unfurnished building, filled with storage, alchemy lab components, weapons rack, planks making a second floor have some cots on top. Aeggy and Thane are inside, and realize they’ve set off some kind of trap. Aeggy tries to grab Thane and jumps for the door where Ceadda is. Thane tries to jump out as well, but can’t fit through the door. The rafters come crashing down, and pollen bellows out of the area. Everyone else takes some poison from the cloud, I was staying a good distance away, but within spell range.

The elemental manifests and comes out of the river. I rush over to talk to it before it can become violent. He is bound in a contract with the pirate, and is supposed to collect those who fell victim to the traps. Since no one has been paralyzed by the pollen, he does not have to fulfill his duty. We talk for a bit, and he challenges us to a game of skipping shells. Romari uses Hypervelocity to send a shell across the water. Ceadda throws incredibly well. They are both mentally contacted by the pirate, thanking them for breaking his contract with the river spirit. I start piecing things together and postulate that the Elemental is actually the mastermind behind this scheme, and the elemental attacks.

The elemental brining myself, Ceadda, and Aeggy down into a cave. Romari uses Astral Sense and can feel them safely below, but also picks up a broken ship in the water. Aeggy blinds the Elemental. Ceadda bursts into flames and attacks the Elemental. Romari and Thane see sails in the distance, about 3 minutes to arrive. The Elemental retreats the the underground pool, and merges with the water. Varis casts Air Spear into the area, Harrying him. Thane swims down, opens a door, and swims down a corridor. Ceadda dives into the water, bursting into steam. Aeggy weaves threads. The elemental heals itself from the water. I use Astral Sense to lock onto the elemental's pattern, and kill it with an Air Spear.

Thane arrives at the entrance from the river with a rope. Romari shows up (nearly drowned) moments later. We treat some wounds and prepare for pirates, climbing back up to the surface.

When we arrive, we find the boat has arrived (a little early?) and there are 7 T’skrang pirates on board. Ceadda leaps onto the side of the boat, hanging from the railing. Some of the pirates close to attack him. Aeggy unfurls a flying carpet and flies towards the ship. Pirates throw daggers at Ceadda. I Glide onto the deck and cast a Fireball at the pirates on Ceadda, dropping 3 of them, and Astral Sense tells me there are 9 more below decks, 1 is more complex than others. The ship sails closer to the shore.

Pirates attack Ceadda and me, but can't get through our armor. Ceadda leaps onto the deck, killing two of them. I cast another fireball at 3 of them, killing one. Aeggy casts Phantom Flame on one. Another group of T’skrang get onto the deck, and ask for us to stop attacking. They say they’ll hand over the Pirate. He seems annoyed by this breach of contract, and leaps off the ship. We chase him down in the water, and kill him.

We inspect the rest of the crew, find 2 more Dopplers and kill them. Despite my attempts at negotiation, they swear revenge telling us that House Iskarat won’t stand for this.

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Re: AAR: The Dread Pirate 'Gharan

Post by BattleChad » Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:26 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Thane and Varis for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 650 Legend Points and 425 Silver

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Re: AAR: The Dread Pirate 'Gharan

Post by Aegharan » Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:34 pm

Journal of Aegharan, Illusionist and Thief

We heard rumours of a Pirate sailing the Serpent River, stealing Coin and Treasure and using Subterfuge and Guile in the process. We found worrysome that he appeared to look like me and called himself 'Gharan. We suspected one of the remaining Dopplers to be responsible.

We combed through the library, listened to the streets' words and rumours and worked our connections to find out where we could find this 'Gharan and, more importantly, how we could get the upper hand on somebody who is used to setting up ambushes himself. We were very successful and found a house near the shore of the river, hidden between some stones, but without a visible door. Varis found a Water Elemental in the water, that apparently did not see merit in talking to us. As Varis thought it to be rather strong, we returned the favor of ignoring each other and let it be for the moment.

Through Romari's excellent observation of footprints in some pollen on the ground we found a door, I disarmed a trap, but was apparently too sure of myself and did not notice a second trap inside. It appears that quick reflexes do help, but I need to train a little to be able to take Thane out the door with me. We were not hurt by the dozens of wooden planks falling down towards us, but from the toxic pollen that lay ontop of them. Still we were quick to take some Antidotes, preventing the poison from striking us down.

After not being struck down by the traps, the Water Elemental approached us and expressed his admiration for our wits and endurance. It told us of its contract with the Pirate. The Water Elemental's task was to take care of the traps' victims, and in return was fed Karma by 'Gharan. We suspected something to be strange, as a horror's Karma is nothing an Elemental should want, but did not get opportunity to think about it more clearly. It said that the Pirate would be here soon, as the traps had been released, and that we should spend some time in a contest.

It challenged us to a contest of skipping rocks. It also told us that in its presence we were able to spend more Karma on the throws than what we usually could. Ceadda and Thane did good throws, but Romari used one of his spells and delivered and excellent throw, skipping way further than both Ceadda and Thane. Varis and I were hesitant about the Elemental expressing joy about us spending such amounts of Karma, and we tried to sweettalk the Spirit, when Ceadda, Thane and Romari heard a voice, thanking them for releasing somebody of the contract with the Elemental. We then noticed foul play and made ready for a fight.

The Elemental noticed the change in our posture and attacked, taking Ceadda, Varis and me with us down into a cave below the river. Ceadda burst up in flames and attacked the thing, while Varis and I lay into it with spells. It did not manage to survive for long. We need to be more careful in the future. This is by far the most powerful Elemental I have ever met, but if it tricked a Horror who is as skilled in Guile as my Doppler-Copy, then we really need to look more closely towards the intentions of the beings we encounter.

Thane and Romari entered the cave around the time the Elemental was struck down by Varis, and told us that the ship we were searching for was coming close and would be on shore withing 2 minutes. We made our way back to the surface of the river, just in time to be greeted by the ship. Ceadda and Varis jump and glide on deck, I climb my flying Carpet, and Thane helped Romari and his armor out of the water.

The pirate crew who was currently on deck was shot down quickly, followed by the crew from below deck and my copy coming out. The crew asked for our mercy and agreed to hand over the pirate, who expressed his distaste for their betrayal and tried to jump ship, but was killed in the water by our combined efforts. While the crew was not happy that we did kill our "hostage" after he was handed to us (nevermind his attempt at fleeing AND him being a horror), we strip-searched the remaining crew, killed the 2 with stingers, and were then, after liberating them from a horror-infestation, thanked with the words that House Iskarat does not like our "Diplomacy" and that we would get revenge. I don't know what they understand by Diplomacy, but it will be interesting to find out.

Thane mumbled something about putting the Doppler-Head into a jar of Alcohol, putting it besides Varis' Doppler's head. As I did not like the idea of my head in a jar of Alcohol, I managed to slip the head of one of the crewmen (we decapitated the ones with a stinger) for my copy's head and burned mine. I wonder when Thane notices the thing's mask wearing off...

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Re: AAR: The Dread Pirate 'Gharan

Post by BattleChad » Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:30 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Aegharan for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 650 Legend Points and 425 Silver