AAR: Exploring Telips

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AAR: Exploring Telips

Post by Aegharan » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:53 am

Mission: Went to explore Telips, killed minor Horrors, chased away a group of Adepts
Gm: Aeggy
Date: 2018-03-04
Difficulty and circle rating: 6 Medium

Ceadda: 3 TIPs, 6800 Legend, 1200 Silver
Thane: 3 TIPs, 6800 Legend, 1200 Silver
Grom: 3 TIPs, 6800 Legend, 1200 Silver
Romari: 3 TIPs, 6800 Legend, 1200 Silver
Varis: 3 TIPs, 6800 Legend, 1200 Silver

Item History: Step 16 (Rank 4)
Alchemy: 7 (Booster Potion, Kelia's Antidote, Kelix's Poultice)
Research 28 (Rank 6 at effective 10 silver for library)

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Re: AAR: Exploring Telips

Post by ChrisDDickey » Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:52 am

Ceadda, Grom, Romari, Varis, and I mounted another expedition to Telips. We journeyed to Borgain's Rest and there caught the T'Skrang riverboat to Telips, which took us to within a few hours journey of the ruin. Dispite the miles between us and the horror plagued city we had very troubled dreams. We need to figure out what it is about these dreams. I fear there is a very mighty horror still in residence in the city that can cause nightmares at a range of dozens of miles.

We entered the city proper and quickly visited the shrine, Most of us drank from the magic pool hoping it would grant us some sort of protection from the nightmares. I even took a dipper of water and washed my head and ears with the holy water. We briefly discussed whether we wished to attempt to clear out the cave with the Jethutra, or explore additional sections of the city. We decided to explore.

We came upon a small troop of 5 Baggi, which were horrible opponents that had very powerful claw attacks and liked to swallow their opponents whole! Ceadda and Varis each got swallowed twice, while I got swallowed once. Frankly the things were much easier to damage after being swallowed, as the insides do not have the tough armor that the outside does. Varis cast his fire spear while inside the creature, and in both cases did horrendous amounts of damage to it. Worse, the things required twice as much karma to have any effect, and the things were so hard to hit that spending the karma was almost required. It was quite worrying for a while until I got eaten. Inside the stomach I was safe from claw attacks, and only suffered some very mild stomach acid damage, and while I could only wield a dagger, it was cutting the soft guts of the creature. It took a while, but we eventually emerged victorious (emerged being literal in the case of those of us who had been swallowed).

After a very short rest, most of us were feeling pretty good, except all of us were very low on karma, due to the nature of the baggi. We resolved to head back to the shrine to rest for a while. However we had not traveled very far at all when we encountered some fellow name-givers. A Dwarf and a T'Skrang stood boldly in the middle of the path. I immediately started checking behind us (West) for ambushers, but it was Romari who spotted an Elf and a Human to our North, and later an Elf Archer came out to our South. I don't recall if they gave their names, but if they did I don't recall any of them. They did say that they were from a kaer a little ways to the East (which would put it on the other side of the river). We all performed the greeting ritual, and we could detect no taint in them.

After we performed our Artisan skills for each other, the other party put forth a claim to the entire city ruins as their turf, We politely decline to grant it to them, stating that we intend to explore the city. Ceadda and Romari briefly confer, and the T'Skrang taunts Ceadda. Then both of the other parties negotiators make moves which all of us immediately took to be hostile and in preparation to attack. Ceadda did not wait for their attacks to fall, and sprung forward and attacked them both first, knocking the T'Skrang to the ground. The Elf and the Human both turned out to be spell-casters and both unleashed lightning-bolts upon the party. I immediately began to suspect that one of them was probably an illusionist, since having an illusionist and an elementalist in one party is more common than having two journeyman elementalists. the trick was going to be determining which was which. I had been planning upon knocking the archer down, but Grom did such an amazingly good Battle Shout at him, that instead I attacked the Elf Spellcasters and knocked him down. The Archer spent an amazing amount of karma attacking Ceadda, and did absolutely no damage against his armor. The T'Skrang run up behind me, trying to get me to turn around, which I did not. He then Taunted me, which annoyed me no end, but did not keep me from attacking the Human Spellcaster, but it did mean that I failed to knock him down.

At that point the battle looked to be going well our way and the other side decided to decamp. One of them attempted to Slough Blame and convince us that they had not drawn weapons first, which confused the issue for a few crucial moments while the illusionist did something or another and they all slipped away.

Having little else I wish to spend downtime on at present, I invested 20 SP for two weeks access to the library and under Romari's tutelage, I am spending one week researching horror powers that cause bad dreams, and a 2nd week researching preventatives and cures. I am hoping that this research will help prepare us for our next sojourn to the cursed ruins.

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Re: AAR: Exploring Telips

Post by BattleChad » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:34 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Thane for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 340 Legend Points and 300 Silver