AAR: X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage

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AAR: X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage

Post by etherial » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:40 am

Mission: X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage
GM: etherial
Date: 2017-10-19
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 2 Hard

Player Rewards:
Bortruk: 1200 Legend, 75 Silver, bought/used last chance salve
Ceadda: 1,200 LP, 375 Silver
Felsic: 1,200 L.P,375 Silver
Irwin E. Hopperton: 1200 Legend, 2x Kelix's Poultice, 2x Booster Potion, Light Quartz, small , 237.5 silver
replaced 1x Kelix Poultice
Jexel: 1,200 LP, Kelix Poultice, 2x booster Potion (one repaid to Felsic), Buckler, FF Chalk x 2, Climbing Kit, 267 Silver

Rolls that were witnessed:
Bortruk rolled Research for Ceadda's Thread Item.

Further Information:
The P'Tlomais Niall has been cleared for repopulation.

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Re: AAR: X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage

Post by Jason » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:47 am

from the Journal of Irwin Ernest Hopperton, Human Elementalist

X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage

The Party

Ships crew
Jylar Arothel, female T'Skrang Boatman, Skipper (acting captain)
Essera Giller, female T'Skrang Boatman, First Mate
Axalar Ep'tera, male T'Skrang Warrior, Master-at-arms
Lukk Evrekta, male T'Skrang Boatman, Navigator

The Mission
T'skrang asked us to help us with the X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage

Day 1
Borgan's Rest - Join the T'skrang X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage

Night 1
Attacked by shreaker bats - large bats with leather wings
Bortruk 'died' and was brought back by the T'skrang with a last chance potion

Day 2
Reached T'skrang's town ~ 1 more day down river

- 'sharp water'
- waves 'frozen' in space made from true water
T'skrang navigated us through the refselenika almost striking it multiple times, but turning just in time.

T'skrang asked us to clear out their city.
T'skrang had trapped up the path down to the city. Jexel led us through safely, but left the traps active

large double door at the bottom of the stairs - covered with a relief
(skill roll 4 drawing of relief)

Fought some horror constructs... painful poison in the claws. Fell unconsious... woke up to some poultice and the party having killed the constructs. Believe they were they left behind T'skrang from before the the surge.

T'skrang were happy to have us back and treated us to lots of trading.
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Re: AAR: X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage

Post by Jexel » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:19 am

Journal of Jexel’Thalas Thief

Adventuring party:
Ceadda - Human Warrior
Bortuk - Dwarf Air sailer
Irwin - Human Elementalist
Felsic - Obsidiman Scout

Guarded the Maiden Voyage of the T’Skrang river boat X’Egirathla II down to the abandoned pre-scourge town P’Tlomais Niall.

All T’Skrang river boat crew:
Jylar Arothel, T Boatman, Skipper
Essera Giller, First Mate
Axalar Ep’tera Warrrior Master at arms
Lukk Evrekta, Boatman, Navigator

First night’s watch.  During our watch on the boat six giant leathery bats flew in and attacked us by surprise.  The bats blasted us with a deafening sonic blasts that knocked me prone to the ground. After a long fight Bortruk was killed during the battle and shortly after I was knocked unconscious.  These bats were extremely nimble and quite deadly after they have knocked their opponents down.  

We met up with some T’Skrang’s that were able to quickly provide a Last Chance salve to Bortruk. I have heard that this is Bortruk’s second deadly encounter. I worry that his carelessness will endanger me at some point.

We found the old T’Skrang town in the middle of the river.  The crew of the river boat bravely stayed up top and let us explore the pre-scourge town.  We traversed down into the old town.

The path to the town had several traps that had to be circumvented.  We found the adventuring party that was sent to seal up the town 500+ years ago.  They did not age well over the centuries but they tried to talk to us in a language we didn’t understand.  It turns out they are now undead creatures with a deadly poison.  Our elementalist Irwin took a minor hit but the deadly poison wracked through his body eventually knocking him unconscious. Due to a focused attack by our party we dispatched the undead

In thanks the T’Skrang offered generous prices on common goods.  The return trip to Borgan’s Rest was uneventful.

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Re: AAR: X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage

Post by BattleChad » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:50 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Irwin and Jexel for thier contributions.

Journal Reward: 60 Legend Points and 120 Silver

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Re: AAR: X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage

Post by Quixotic » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:07 pm

There were five of us hired to provide security for the first voyage of the X'Egirathla II' down the Serpent river. Irwin the Elementalist, Ceadda the Warrior, Borturk the Air Sailor, Jexel the Thief, and myself boarded the large river boat with the elemental engine early in the morning close to Throal, something that would have been unthinkable before the Scourge. Once onboard we were told to look for hazards in the water that could sink the boat - something I hoped would not happen as the river is deep and I do not float. The anchor chain was attached to my waist when not in use.

Our trip was without incident until the evening after passing the T’skrang kaer. I was woken on deck by Borturk and the sounds of battle. The first watch was being attacked by three giant shrieking bats. I joined the battle, hitting one of the bats but not driving it off. Ceadda finished it off.

Jexel looked to be quite hurt but I noticed that another wing of three was approaching and moved towards them in a defensive stance to draw them away from the others. Two of the bats took the bait but could not hurt me, the other went after Ceadda.

Ceadda managed to kill another one and Jexel, Borturk, and Irwin managed to injure another. My armour was keeping me in the fight when Ceadda came to assist me. Together we took out another bat and Borturk was viciously taken down by a bat. Overconfident as I was I told Ceadda to help the others.

Jexel managed to get up fRom the shrieking finally wound one of the bats and drive it off while Ceadda killed the one Irwin had weakened. The lone bat I was fighting wounded me with unlucky hit, weakening me enough that I backed away to catch my breath. Irwin came and strengthened my armour with a spell and Ceadda and I killed the last bat.

Borturk had once again died and the Captain of the boat was amazed that we let ourselves get attacked, as if of this was our fault that the crew slept below deck and us on top of it. The crew launched a skiff back to their Kaer to bring Borturk back to life but I had a feeling that the Captain of the boat could not be fully trusted.

Like water she does not confront and my companions burn with need. I must remember that I am the rock upon which things break. By the morning this rock was fully healed with Irwin’ help and ready to continue.

Further downriver we encountered the P'Tlomais Niall, an ancient T’skrang village on the water before the Scourge and the village that populated the Kaer. We were told to explore it and that the team who were supposed to secure it before the Scourge had not made it back to theire Kaer. So this was the real reason we were hired.

It was damp inside and most of the way was trapped, which Jexel found and marked. The four traps were avoided and the darkness at the bottom of the stairs led to a small rotting village. Moving forward we encountered the missing team, who spoke in a language I did not know and invited us to sit around a campfire they were building. We were wary but I moved forward.

They soon lost their tempers and when one approached Irwin Ceadda struck their leader, knocking him to the ground. They were ghouls, some sort of undead horror, but we were better prepared for them this time. One managed to wound and poison Irwin and Ceadda’s poultice did not help but killing the ghoul stopped the effect.

Having cleared the Kaer we were paid and brought back to Throal. I vowed to learn more about the beings created by the horrors when we got back.

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Re: AAR: X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage

Post by BattleChad » Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:37 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Felsic contributions.

Journal Reward: 60 Legend Points and 120 Silver