AAR: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

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Re: LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by Waijhou » Sat May 09, 2020 2:34 pm

May 2,2020
LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Rumor: Tensions between a Clan of Windlings and a whole lot of T'Skrang have to be resolved.

Zil sends word, he needs some assistance with a situation on Skyreader Island. Naturally I am there for him. There is a beef between some Windlings and some T’skrang. Also assisting Zil are Dubahn, Dvarim and William Carver. Apparently both sides are laying claim to the island.
We travel to 43.13, the Coil River. It is the point where the Island is closest to the land. We are wondering how we get across the river to the Island. There is a T’skrang ship coming up the river, perhaps we can get a ride. We meet 3 T’skrang along the bank of the river, they are talking about lunch. Dysafas’daha, Brikosu, and Pat’korella. We all do artisan skills for each other.
While we are waiting for a lunch of alligator, Dysafas’daha sings us a song about the T’skrang being oppressed. How there was a village at 46.13, and some horrors from the mountains came and attacked the village. Killed all the people or drove them off, burned all the buildings. Zil offers to go to the old village and dispatch the horrors. The T’skrang says no, nobody would want to live there, it is tainted now. We have a new home here in the river. Dvarim tries to talk them into letting us clear the old village and then the T’skrang could live there, alleviating the conflict with the Wildlings. The T’skrang grows very suspicious of us. Zill tries to calm them, says he is a questor og Garlan, we would like to serve as peace makers and try to come to a mutually beneficial outcome.
We break for lunch. After lunch they invite us aboard their boat. The deck hands are doing some crazy acrobatics in the rigging of the ship. We meet the captain, he is very diplomatic and cordial. We have a feast on the deck of the ship with the entire crew. After lunch we head over to Skyreader Island. We get to within about 30 yards and are then put into a row boat over the side of the ship and row over to Skyreader Island.
After much deliberation we are able to broker a piece between the Windings and T’skrang. We have a feast that night and sleep on the island. THe next day the T’skrang ask us if we are serious about clearing the horrors out of there old village. Zil assures them we are. THey load us into one of their boats and we head off to the abandoned village. As we unload from the T’skrang skip they pull back away from the shore saying they will be in the area for a couple days if we survive, need a ride back.
We are following a rocky path towards the village proper, we are attacked by a very large Rock Worm. A very long slough of a fight. The rockworm was very tough. As we are resting and recovering, Doubahn says there are 3 creatures coming. He does his astral sight and says they look like gargoyles. They have many different types of attacks. Astral claws, spells and physical attacks. We are able to destroy them along with several others we find along the trails.
After clearing this area we head back to the Island. THe T’skrang and Windlings seem to be getting along nicely. After some discussion we realize that the horror that was corrupting the gargoyle looking things has not been found.
Return to Throal.

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Re: LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by Montaugh » Sat May 09, 2020 5:53 pm

My name is William Carver and I am a fifth circle scout, fourth circle thief

The adventure began when I was contacted by Zil, he needed some help to broker a peace between some T'srang and Windling on an island called Skyreader. I was joined by Dubhan, Xevioux, Dvarim, and Zil.

We set out and at last I was out in the wilds again. I missed this. Bamor, dealing with a small war and corrupted windings that twisted bones and folded skulls back on themselves, and then Bamor again with that horrible worm ridden eye that haunts my dreams. A peaceful easy sounding mission, I was looking forward to this.

We arrived near skyreader island and met some T'srang. Dvarim and the T'srang exchanged some words, I am not sure what was said though. Then Zil and the T'srang talked for a bit and we exchanged the ritual of greeting. One of the T'srang named Dyssesfas'dahe sang an emotionally wrenching song, that tore at our heart. He sang of loss and sorry the words reaching my heart at a profound level. Turns out he is a Troubadour. We found out about how his village was destroyed by horrors. I just sighed and looked towards the sky in acceptance and defeat, I knew where this was going, I'm an adept and this is what we do. I calmed my heart and braced myself for I knew what was to come. We joined the T'srang and traveled to the island and shared a meal with them.

Upon arrival to the island we met the Windlings and tensions could not be higher. It seems they thought the T'srang were responsible for some apes that had attacked the windlings. Xevioux brought up an interesting point, the windlings live up in tree, and the T'srang like water. So they could share the island easily enough.

We were then told were the village was, located at 47.11. We traveled there and were traveling up a mountain pass when we were attacked by a rockworm, this might be the largest thing I have ever seen. It was also armored more than Norg which is beyond impressive. First we crack the shell, then we crack nut inside. We manged to destroy it and while we were tending out wounds we were attacked by three gargoyles.

The gargoyles appeared as 2 children and an adult. They were fairly fresh so we theorized that a undiscovered Kaer was nearby and they are under the effect of a horror, or found a horror upon opening themselves up to the world. So more damned horrors. The fight was fast and furious but we destroyed them. I'm tried and frustrated as of late, details of my reports are suffering because of it. Another kaer to find, another horror to destroy.. when did this become all that my life is? We will have to seek it out rather sooner than later, the longer we hold off the more the horrors could twist the people and sink into the Kaer.

We returned to Skyreader island and found the windlings and T'srang existing under an uneasy truce. They were not overly friendly with each other, but they are not at war with each other.

We then returned to Throal.

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Re: AAR: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Tue May 12, 2020 2:28 pm

From the journal of Zil, windling Elementalist of the 5th circle and Adherent of Garlan. 

The Skyreader clan of windlings recently left the halls of Throal that have been their home for centuries and migrated to a set of three Islands on the coil river that they have named Skyreader Island, Rabbit Island, and Guardian Island. there they have been busy building cottages, planting crops and gardens, and establishing their herds, flocks and warrens.

Some young T'Skrang hotheads have been very vocally saying that it is a "claim jumping". They claim that they were planning on setting up a settlement there "any day now". They say that when some of their number stopped by to discuss the situation, they were attacked and run off by several dozen hired thugs. The complainers have been heard in Throal, the naill of Kampung Gajah, and traveling merchants say they have heard the complaints all over the east where T'Skrang are found. There are rumors that somebody is gathering together a large body of young T'Skrang hotheads to drive off the windlings and claim the Islands for themselves. 

Senior Questors in Throal brought the matter to my attention and I communed with my Passion. Garlen is very much the Passion of good relations between communities, and I resolved to gather some friends and see if it was possible to resolve the matter peacefully, and failing that, to defend against aggression. We were told that there were already wounded in Skyreader, so hurried there. 

Not far from the islands, we came upon three T'Skrang. Dyssefas Daha was a Troubadour, he was accompanied by Brikosu, and Pat'Koretia, one of whom was an Elementalist. We had a mostly friendly meeting, and Dyssefas sang us an Emotion Song of a T'Skrang community attacked by flying horrors and driven from their homes. The refugees looking for a new place to settle, Hearing of an island not far upriver, but then learning that their scouts had been driven away from the island. After the song we got some more details, such as the location of their old settlement (4610) and that the horrors had come from the mountains to the North. They were between 2 and 6 feet tall, had claws and were flying stone figures. We immediately volunteered to go fight the horrors so that the T'Skrrang could go back to their old village, but Dyssefas said they now had their hearts set upon the islands. 

The T'Skrang invited us to a feast of Crocodile upon their ship, which was a sailing vessel that appeared shortly. We met the captain and feasted with the crew. Again we offered to attempt to slay the horrors. We also offered to act as intermediaries between the T'Skrang and the Windlings. By the time lunch ended we were approaching the Island. I flew ahead to talk to the windlings, who were upset that the T'Skrang were there. I got them both to agree to a meeting. 

While the others were boating ashore and walking to the meeting, I went ahead with a guide. Some windlings had gone to the southern point of the island to build a lookout post, and were attacked by 4 apres, which wounded many of the construction party. Their had been some T'Skrang ships spotted shortly before the attack, and taunts and curses had been exchanged, and the windlings were convinced that the T'Skrang had brought the Apes and let them loose upon the island on purpose. I treated the wounded, using both my Physician skill and the blessing of Garlen. 

By the time I was done, the T'Skrang had arrived and everybody had agreed to a diplomatic meeting. There were many ruffled feathers. The T'Skrang were mad about the scout whose foot had been shot. We pointed out that the windlings had not done that, that according to the reports we had heard, it was a Troll or an Obsidiman or somebody. The windlings were mad about the Apes, but eventually agreed that maybe the apes just had not been noticed earlier and had been there the entire time. It was pointed out that the windlings mostly wanted to live in the trees, and wanted nothing to do with the water, and the T'Skrang mostly wanted to live in the water and wanted nothing to do with the trees, so it was proposed that they share the land of the island. It took quite a lot of arguing, but an agreement was worked out. 

With the situation well in hand upon the islands, the T'Skrang took us downriver to their old village. We walked into the nearby mountains, and Destroyed a huge Rockworm. Minutes later we were attacked by 3 things that looked like Gargoyles, but had powers different from what I read about pre-scourge Gargoyles. One seemed to be a mobile stone statue, but upon examination, the other two horror constructions had started out as human children, horribly twisted by some horror. 

Clearly there is an active horror in the mountains somewhere near 4613 & 4711. Clearly it has been taking human children. There is probably a kear nearby, maybe the keir has fallen, or maybe it is under siege, or has recently opened. Clearly there is urgent work for hero's in this area. 

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