AAR [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

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AAR [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Tue Mar 31, 2020 3:02 pm

LFG: Return to Ironbark Grove
Time: 2020-04-03@18:00 GMT [14:00 EDT]
GM: bronzemountain/Dvarim
Circle: 4 (Ideally: 4 Adepts, circle 3-4)
Difficulty: Medium

Rumor: A truce between Wood and Metal has been brokered. Now it's time to open the Kaer beneath Ironbark Grove and rescue its inhabitants!

Please post your character as follows:

Code: Select all

[b]Notable Abilities:[/b]
This adventure runs at 2pm EDT. Scheduling subject to change.
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Re: LFG [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

Post by Waijhou » Tue Mar 31, 2020 3:07 pm

Name: Xeviouz
ECR: 3
Discipline: Warrior
Quote/Unique: Lets do THIS
Notable Abilities: Sword and Board
Downtime: ------
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Re: LFG [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

Post by Aegharan » Tue Mar 31, 2020 3:19 pm

Name: Karl Tomsson
ECR: 4
Discipline: Archer, Beastmaster
Quote/Unique: Focus and solve problems one after one...
Notable Abilities: Nock, Draw, Focus, Anticipate, Aim, and save the Pets.
Animal Training (rank 2 Step 7)
Forge Weapon (rank 4 Step 11)
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Re: LFG [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:07 pm

Name: Zil
ECR: 4
Discipline: Elementalist 4th circle / Windling
Quote/Unique: Travel in style with a party Elementalist! Heat Food! Plant Feast! Purify Water! Shelter! Air Mattress! All the comforts of home upon the road.
Notable Abilities: Physician.
Downtime: Research rank 3, step 10 (step 13 if pay 20 sp for library access).
Item History Rank 3 (step 14 with karma)

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Re: LFG [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

Post by Montaugh » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:16 pm

Name: William Carver
ECR: 4 (13,525 LP)
Race: Human
Discipline: Scout 3, Thief 3
Quote/Unique: I'll get you there and back again.
Notable Abilities:
Roles: Security, Quartermaster, Pathfinder All talented. Usually is pathfinder.
Talented: Locks/Traps, Stealth/Scouting, Ranged combat, Melee Combat, map making.
Skilled: Alchemy, animal handling, swimming.
Versatile: Forging, Animal Bonding, Research, Item History
Items: Pure Water Pot (cast the Purify Water spell, p. 190, with a Spellcasting and Effect Step of 8/2D6 on any liquid placed in them). Multiple weapons people can borrow.
Mounted: Huttawa named Charlie
Downtime: Forge Weapon (2) Step 8, Research 3(9) (12 with library access)
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Re: LFG [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

Post by nathaniel » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:22 pm

Not gonna make it. someone else can take my spot.
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Re: LFG [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:26 pm

Name: Dubhan Goronich
ECR: 4 (10,240 LP)
Discipline: Wizard (4th Circle)
Quote/Unique: "Really? That happened? Wow, hope I get to see something like that!"
Notable Abilities: Spells! Alchemy, Medicine
Downtime: Research (Step 20 + Library Access if needed)

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Re: LFG [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

Post by sigfriedmcwild » Tue Mar 31, 2020 6:16 pm

Name: Norg
ECR: 4 (7870LP, Gauntlet 4)
Discipline: Gauntlet
Quote/Unique: Power is nothing without control
Notable Abilities: PUNCH!, some wilderness survival
Downtime: none

Dropping out, for Sunday's game

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AAR [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Fri Apr 03, 2020 11:57 pm

Return to Ironbark Grove
Time: 2020-04-03@18:00 GMT [14:00 EDT]
GM: Dvarim Bolg / bronzemountain
Circle: 4
Difficulty: Medium

40.14 (Ironbark Grove)

Player Rewards:
Karl: 2200lp, 375sp, 3 TIPs
William: 2200lp, 375sp, 3 TIPs
Dubhan: 2200lp, 375sp, 3 TIPs
Zil: 2200lp, 375sp, 3 TIPs, Thread Crystal Raider Shield
Xeviouz: 2200lp, 375sp, 3 TIPs

GM Reward:
Dvarim Bolg: 2200lp, 375sp, 3 TIPs

Downtime Actions Available:
Zil: Item History 3/14, Research 3/10 (13 if you spend 20sp for library access)
William: Forge Weapon (2) Step 8, Research 3(9) (12 with library access)
Karl: Forge Weapon 3/10, Animal Training 2/7
Dubhan: Research (Step 20 + Library Access if needed)

Further Information:
The party entered the Kaer of Irondelve, met with the people and elders there and informed that the Scourge had ended. There were rituals of introduction and much rejoicing. However, in tracking down some of the people who weren't in the central gathering, the party discovered that there were Horrors masquerading as 3 of the key people of the Kaer, and there was much fear and anxiety. One of the Horrors was slain, but two managed to escape.

Still, the denizens of Irondelve were rescued, and the elemental conflict in Ironbark Grove was resolved. The people of Irondelve have been tested and pronounced clean of Horror taint.

Follow-Up Rumor: Hiding in Plain Sight (5+)

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Re: AAR [4]: Return to Ironbark Grove (2020-04-03@1800GMT)

Post by Aegharan » Sat Apr 04, 2020 12:09 am

Xeviouz the Human Warrior, Dubhan the Dwarfen Wizard, William the Human Scout, Zil the Windling Elementalist, and myself, Karl the Human Archer and Beastmaster, travel to the Kaer near the Ironbark Grove. We have to fulfill a Truce and save an Earth Elemental by releasing it from its bond to the Kaer, thus saving a Wood Elemental and the lifeforms near Ironbark Grove.

We arrive at the Kaer and manage to open it up.

After our greeting rituals we speak to the Headman, Medgar Mennonim, and explain the situation. Convincing them of leaving the safety of their Kaer is hard. We take some people outside to show the beauty of the forest and sky which makes it easier to convince them. We decide to discuss this further the next day, after a feast celebrated in honour of us telling them about the plague ending.

Notable are an aging Ork, around 45 years old, Uneqh Brstef, who apparently joined the Kaer "burygrove" only 15 years ago. He pointed out an area at 38.12 on William's map, that had its defenses pierced by dumb, but strong, brute horrors. They travelled for nearly a week, made themselves noticed and joined the Kaer. Unek now a farmer, taking care of the Kaer's impressive farmspaces.

We inquire regarding the caves below the Kaer. There seem to be some caves that are used to harvest herbs and lichen, some access to the iron mines, and some further caves. Zhevra, the daughter of Uneqh, told us that both Varin and Aetherinos should have been back from their respective caves several hours ago. We decided to track down something of theirs and went searching into the tunnels, going to find Aetherinos first. Without many problems, but after seeing a fresh track of blood, we found the herbalist's cave.

We entered the cave in which the Elf Herbalist was supposed to be harvesting herbs and mushrooms. We did see these, but after a quick search also found a pile of corpses. When approaching, some of these sprung up and attacked Xeviouz, who was quickly surrounded. Fortunately his armor was strong, and he managed to mostly keep moving and agile, except for a short moment after he had been attacked by one of the cadavers who had a specific shadowy aura. That one also did not fall down dead, but dissolved into shadows.
During the fight we were at times unable to completely utilize our magic to fuel our Talents. Dubhan reported that some kind of corrupted magic was coming from the northern wall and holding us back. Zil found some cracks in the wall and noticed somebody running through a tunnel behind the cracks.
We take up pursuit through the tunnels, and after more than an hour come out of the tunnels, where I see an Elf running away. I take the longest shot and manage to hit that person over a hundred yards. However I definitely need to train this distances more. Things were much simpler within Throal before the gates opened.
We followed the person and came into a hall where we found Aetherinos the Herbalist, Varin the Scout and Sarvik the Elementalist.

Sarvik asked what this means. We answered that we followed the namegiver who attacked us while we fought what appeared to have killed Aetherinos' assistances. Sarvik seems to have facepalmed at the note of the Elf killing Namegivers, when in unison decided to attack.
A hard and long fight erupted, during which we fought the Scout and Elementalist, and the Archer who seemed to have been either a Scout or an Archer.
Zil again did great work controlling the battlefield with Ice sheets, however it did make it hard for us to navigate around the Spellcaster. Dubhan did great work dispelling the enemies of their enhanced Armor, and providing William and me with enhanced arrow capabilites. We very barely survived with one of the Horrors dead, and us very close. After getting the corpse of this Horror out of the water supply we made our way back to the main halls of the Kaer. We informed the Headman of their Horror Situation.

We organize a role call of everybody to the great hall, and inspect every single inhabitant of the Kaer, but we only find one further Doppler. Over the next couple of days we escort the inhabitants of Kaer Irondelve to the Ironbark Grove where they begin setting up a settlement. I do however ask them to preserve the grove for the wildlife, and build the settlement besides it.

While at the Ironbark Grove I collect a nice small, shimmering piece of wood to embraid into my new armor. The way back to Throal is becoming increasingly safe after traveling it a couple times.

Note: Dopplers are a severe problem and we should definitely look into where they came from, and equally important where the others went. Dopplers seem to be able to "copy" a namegiver, but do not like open fighting and aggression, so finding and tracking them will be hard.

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