[Resolved] Opening of Salt Cellar (ECL any)

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[Resolved] Opening of Salt Cellar (ECL any)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Fri Mar 27, 2020 9:51 am

Resolved: AAR http://www.fasagames.com/forum/viewtopi ... =55&t=1786

Player: Chris D (Zil or Mazor)
Rumor: Records indicate that prior to the Scourge, a huge underground salt mine was converted to a kaer, with the entrances hidden and closed, and that several thousands miners and their families sheltered within it. During the last several centuries salt has become increasingly more expensive in Throal, and currently costs more per weight than gold. Strorbout Cragdigger, a Questor of Chorrolis has communed with his Passion and believes that his Passion wants him to travel to the Kaer of Salt Cellar with several score pack mules of trade goods, to see if they have survived, and if so, attempt to convince the kaer to open up and establish a lucrative trade. He needs Adepts to guard his convoy and help him locate, communicate with, and open the Kaer.
Location: 44,09. Salt Cellar, A huge salt mine / Kaer a bit less than 2 days travel into the mountains (only one hex away, but two days because of mountains terrain).
Circle: Any
Reward: unknown
Benefit: Open up a new community. Replenish Throals supply of salt.
Notable NPCs: Strorbout Cragdigger, Throalic merchant and Adherent of Chorrolis.

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