The Gooligans [GMC]

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The Gooligans [GMC]

Post by Slimcreeper » Sun Jul 05, 2020 3:02 pm

Some more for the rogue's gallery. This is a family of windlings that will engage in honest adventuring, but only if the pay is really nice. Otherwise, they are involved in dirty dealings, sneaky tricks, and generally being cheerfully immoral. Only five are still alive, as they have a history of playing occasionally deadly pranks on one another.

Thimbleton Gooligan
5th Circle Wizard.

Thimbleton is the patriarch of the Gooligan family. Most of the surviving Gooligans are magicians. Other than Thimbleton, there is another Wizard (Buzzlebee), a Nethermancer (Friddlesticks), and an Elementalist (Guntlegun), as well as a non-adept fighter (Maizy). The weaker and less wiley members have fallen victim to deadly pranks. Those remaining are a tightly bound adventuring group. They are interested in acquiring as much wealth as possible and don’t care much for the morality of it at all.

Thimbleton loves a good spellcaster’s duel. With Buzzlebee, they will lay down Astral Interference and Baseline Subtraction. Thimbleton will also try to start a fight with Astral Targeting, duration minutes, cast on his spellcasting allies. They try to always have good intel on the opposition, and will Dispel favorite buffs. Against non-spellcasters, Thimbleton will use Slow and Sever Talent to weaken their abilities. Buzzlebee is more of a blaster, favoring big attack spells and simple buffs.

Thimbleton is short even for a windling, about 80 years old, and sports an unruly mop of white hair. His left leg is missing from just above the knee, which he has replaced with a peg leg.

Buzzlebee Gooligan
3rd Circle Wizard.

Buzzlebee is taller than his father, but somehow less imposing. He tries to make up for it by being a little louder and a little more brash. He is tough and stubborn, and creative with his mischief. If he doesn’t get himself killed, he’s got a lot of potential.

In combat he and his father work together well, though they may bicker at other times.

Buzzlebee has big, multicolored hair and his fingernails are usually painted a variety of colors.

Friddlesticks Gooligan
3rd Circle Nethermancer.

Friddlesticks is dramatically, aesthetically morbid. A thin, genderless windling, they dress only in black. In the most black. Sometimes the outfits are so over the top it is a wonder they can fly. Around outsiders, they mostly only speak in dire predictions of doom, declaring that all is pain, that death is your only friend in the end, and so on. Of course, all of this is delivered in the clear, high tones of their windling voice, so the effect is not always quite what they expect.

They are bonded with a night crow Named Gloomdeath. A night crow is, of course, a just regular crow that is more active at night. And has blacker feathers. Fiddlesticks often uses Aspect of the Cowardly Skulk and Shadowmeld to help Gloomdeath scout. Friddlesticks prefers Frighten effects to attacking outright.

Guntlegun Gooligan
3rd Circle Elementalist.

Like her brother Buzzlebee, Guntlegun loves big, dramatic effects. Unlike her brother, Guntlegun is less concerned with how her father perceives her and more concerned with how much a prank amuses Dirtle, an elemental earth spirit that commonly manifests as a turtle made of dirt. Dirtle does accompany her a lot, but will only offer commentary in its gravelly tongue and refuses to help Guntlegun in any way. It generally acts like a spoiled child.

Guntlegun’s hair and skin change unusually quickly and less predictably than other windlings, sometimes altering radically in less than a week.

In combat, Guntlegun often makes herself the most obvious target, but plays defensive while the others weave their initial threads. If possible, however, she tries to make sure everyone has Shield Willow before any excitement starts

Maizy Gooligan
Non-Adept fighter

Maizy is Thimbleton’s younger sister. Maizy has survived the family’s flirtation with often-deadly pranks by sheer cussedness, but also by being a useful brute that everyone wants around. She is huge for a windling, to the point that even non-windlings can notice the distinctive heavy buzz of her flight.

Maizy often has to be distracted or otherwise occupied in order to keep her from simply taking the most direct, often violent, approach to a problem. Even though at this point the adepts have become significantly more powerful than her, they still are a little afraid of her.

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Re: The Gooligans [GMC]

Post by Sharkforce » Sun Jul 05, 2020 3:06 pm

haha, "honest" adventuring, you really do have a sense of humour sometimes :D

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