Nice Thread Scythan Axe, or Lore from Scytha

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Nice Thread Scythan Axe, or Lore from Scytha

Post by JBF » Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:17 pm

Hi all,

For the campaign I am running, I created for one of my players a nice backstory of him not knowing his past. I imagined a dwarf captured in a troll sky raider raid in his childhood, and his only link to his past once himself become a sky raider would be a thread scythan axe that he has... Nice opportunity for running after key knowledge that would be his own story...

BUT I have not yet decided what he would find, and therefore was looking if there was a starting point instead of starting from scratch. So... few questions :

1- Any nice thread item described somewhere as a dwarf weapon potentially linked with Scytha or the fall of Scytha ( I'd like to bring somewhere around this line). I browsed the books I had and nothing was matching
2- In the unpublished books about dragons, there is a bit of lore about the fall of Scytha ( I think with Vasdenjas ), but is there anywhere else where there is more lore about this? (there is a bit in the history section of Throal, but not much more than telling that Throal prospered from the war of Scytha with its neighbour).

Thanks for your indications on what to read.

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Re: Nice Thread Scythan Axe, or Lore from Scytha

Post by Bonhumm » Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:25 am

The only other references I know of Scytha is in the Explorer’s Guide to Barsaive (the ‘blue book’ of the 1st edition Barsaive Campaign Set) around page 96-97 but its not much.

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