Discussion on game mastering Earthdawn. May contain spoilers; caution is recommended!
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I'm just going to post the description and link to the Google doc ... much easier on the formatting

These massive beasts resemble partially-feathered bipedal reptiles with frog-like heads. They stand 20 feet tall and nearly 40 feet long. Its tail makes up half of its length. It has powerful hind legs, but its feathered forelimbs are much shorter, only about 4 feet long. The forelimbs do have sharp claws but are mostly used to build nests and in mating rituals. The head, on the other hand, is massive, more than 6 feet in length. It has the large brain and binocular vision of a natural hunter, however it doesn’t have a single tooth in its head.
Instead, it hunts by literally spitting out its esophagus and one of its stomachs. As it spits, aiming with its tongue, the stomach and esophagus turn inside out, exposing a bulbous lump of soft tissue covered with sticky, acidic mucus. In the best case, the target is spattered with acid, beginning the digestion process. In the worst case, the target is stuck to and enveloped in the stomach and pulled into the creature’s mouth. Once the creature takes a moment to swallow its unfortunate prey into a second, lower stomach, it seeks out more prey until its second stomach is full. Once it is at capacity, it jogs back to its nest to digest in peace. It rarely needs to feed more than once a month.
They are very good mothers, tending to their eggs for more than a year before they hatch, then hunting for the tender nestlings until they are big enough to fend for themselves. ... sp=sharing

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