ED4 Multi-Discipline Spells

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ED4 Multi-Discipline Spells

Post by The Undying » Thu Feb 16, 2017 6:22 am

I expect this design space to get about as much attention as it has historically - which is to say, next to none (which is totally fine, it's a very difficult space that doesn't come up much at all). That being said, I think it'd be good to address or recommend how threads work with this space, esp extra threads. They have to be woven somewhere, but the Adept would obviously prefer to use their better Threadweaving Talent. Three primary questions as a result:
  1. Are base threads specified per Discipline or is it just a requirement that at least one base Thread cast from each of the source Disciplines?
  2. Are extra Thread options just whichever Talent the magician prefers or specific to one Discipline? Or can it be either/or?
  3. what is the maximum number of extra threads available for the spell?
Personally, I like per-Discipline base threads, per-Discipline extra Thread options, and per-Discipline max extras. The result would be that a master of two magician Disciplines could weave a multi-discipline spell with eight extra threads. Feels like a nice reward for the weirdness of the construct, especially if individual options come from different disciplines.

Right now, I'm working through a proof of concept spell. I'll post it once it's roughed out.
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Re: ED4 Multi-Discipline Spells

Post by The Undying » Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:14 am

The image of this spell is a fairly straight forward mixture of the natural and the unnatural: a plant that subsists off of blood. I could see this being useful in combat mainly with a beefed-up grapple effect, but the main use case would be lair defense. The duration is too short to set a trap - unless you explicitly feed it something, which is creepy in its own right (I explicitly left off the ability to extend this to minutes as a Thread option). The numbers for the spell are really based around the idea that you can improve it with up to eight threads (4 & 4).

Ever-Thirsting Razorthrush
Discipline: Elementalists, Nethermancer
Circle: ???
Threads: E(1), N(1)
Duration: Rank rounds*
Range: 10 yards; 4 yard radius
Effect: (special - see text)
Difficulty: 6
The magician cuts open his palm, mixes his blood with plant matter, and throws material towards the destination for the spell. The material hurls towards the center of the effect and seeps into the soil. Within seconds, leggy red brush with smooth crimson stalks erupt from the ground in the area of effect. As the brush grows, downward-barbed emerald green thorns grow from the plant.

Movement through the brush is half speed. The brush grapples (Strength Step 4) any creature entering the area, ending their turn in the area, or present in the area where the brush appears. A grappled creature can make a Standard Action contested Strength test to break free of the grapple on their turn. Creatures take Step 4 thorn Physical damage the turn they are grappled and any turn they take a Standard Action while grappled (including attempts to break free of the grapple); armor does not protect against the thorn damage as the barbs work their way under and in between any protection the creature may have.

If a creature suffers a wound from the thorns, it must resist a Difficulty 4 poison. The poison deals Step 4 damage every turn until it is resisted.

Every time a creature is injured by the brush, the duration extends by one round (unless it's current duration is greater). If a non-Namegiver creature dies while grappled, the remaining duration of the spell is set to one day (unless it's current duration is greater). If a Namegiver dies while grappled, the remaining duration of the spell is set to a year and a day.

When casting the spell, the magician may take one Blood Magic damage for each Thread present in the finished spell. If this is done, the duration is set to a year and a day. This damage cannot be healed until the spell ends.
Extra Successes: (E) Area +2 or (N) Duration +2
Extra Threads: (E) Area +2; (E) Strength Step +1; (E) Poison Difficulty +2; (N) Duration +2; (N) Thorn Step +1; (N) Poison Step +2

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