Sense Horrorspawn  

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Sense Horrorspawn  

Post by ChrisDDickey » Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:51 pm

I have lots of questions about Sense Horrorspawn, a Horror Stalker Talent from Mystic Paths. 

Of particular confusion is the phrase "Targets detected in this fashion are astrally sensed and are tracked while this talent is active." So I assume this means that if I got two extra successes and I know the type of horrorspawn, and the direction, but not the distance, I will continue to constantly know the direction but not the distance so long as the power is active.

(1) Correct? Does it mean anything else as well?

(2) Does this mean that a Horrorstalker on the physical plain can sense a Horror that is solely on the astral plain? and visa versa? Does the HS know what plains the spawn is on? How many successes would that information be available at?

(3) The Astral Sense spell mentions that things that are astrally sensed can be targeted from astrally sensing alone. Could a stalker spellcaster target spells upon a spawn by sensing horrorspawn (whom are considered astrally sensed) alone? How many successes on sense horrorspawn would that require?

(4) What if a Horror Stalker had both Sense Horrorspawn and Netherwalk, but not Astral Sense. Netherwalk specifies that if they don't have Astral Sense they can use it as PER default. But it seems like it might still be exceedingly hard to see horrors, especially in a tainted environment. Could Sense Horrorspawn be used to actually target horrors in melee while netherwalking? IE: the stalker can't see the rest of astral space due to taint, but knows exactly where the horror(s) are. How many successes would be required for that level of detail? I mean possibly only one, since the target is considered astrally sensed and tracked, but also possibly 4, since that is what gives both direction and distance.  How much is a lack of Astral Sight a problem when netherwalking? How much can Sense Horrorspawn compensate (assuming the reason you are netherwalking is to fight a horror)?

So thoughts about Sense Horrorspawn please. 
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Re: Sense Horrorspawn  

Post by Mataxes » Thu Dec 05, 2019 2:42 am

I've got to think on some of this.

FYI, the post was duplicated, so I removed the duplication.
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Re: Sense Horrorspawn  

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:16 pm

So somebody mentioned Spirit Strike and Ethereal Weapon in discord today, so I thought to expand this topic to them.

So if the Spawn is on the physical plain, I assume even a single success with Sense Horrorspawn will avoid the -4 blindside penalty that Spirit Strike has.

But how many successes with SHs would be needed to melee target a fully astral horror with ether Talent? Again I would assume the answer is ether 1 or 4, but am not sure which.

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Re: Sense Horrorspawn  

Post by Panda » Sun Dec 08, 2019 7:48 am


1. Correct, though I cannot answer the second part of the question because I don't know what it's trying to get at. It does what it says.

2. Sense Horrorspawn doesn't detect the plane, attempts to gather that information would always return "astral", because the talent senses the astral construct of the Horrorspawn. It doesn't matter if the adept is on the astral or physical plane.

3. No, and it's important to note as of right now only one spell benefits from that effect: Mystic Shock. If you want to allow it for Mystic Shock, okay.

4. I'm going to assume you mean "Astral Sight" instead of "Astral Sense" for this. Think of Astral Sight as replacing Awareness and it's entirely reasonable to say it's not necessary unless the Horror is actively trying to hide its presence from you. Attacking a Horror attempting to hide it's presence using Sense Horrorspawn, I suggest at least three successes without suffering a complete darkness penalty; without the fourth successes, I suggest a partial darkness penalty, but everything depends on the situation. Sense Horrorspawn doesn't tell you anything about the astral realm other than what Horrorspawn are in your neck of the woods. However, you can still see, it's just polluted and gross, and some Horrors like to hide in that. Others may be probably pretty obvious once you get on their turf.

Bonus questions:

Correct, Sense Horrorspawn gives enough information to target without penalty so long as you know roughly where they are. Which probably means you need some more successes, but it really depends on the situation (such as someone acting as a spotter). The magic helps guide you.

Hopefully this is helpful.

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