How many versatility talents is too much?

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How many versatility talents is too much?

Post by FrozenVomit » Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:35 am

Versatility is awesome! But it slow your progression.

How many versatility talents is too much?

My human Swordmaster now have Tiger spring and air dance. I want to add Battle shout and Crushing Blow. 4 talents is too much?

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Re: How many versatility talents is too much?

Post by Bonhumm » Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:51 am

I'd say it would be a question of the % of total Legend Points that you have that are spent on Versatility instead of the number of Talents itself. 15% (or 20% if you don't put anything in Skills) would be the maximum without risking falling behind in Circles progression compared to the rest of the group. That way would still leave you enough LP to meet the minimum requirement to advance but you'd have to make hard choices between what Talents you increase for advancement and which one you don't raise AT ALL for the sake of Versatility.

Most Talents need to 'keep up' with the Circle to remain relevant but in your case (Air Dance and Tiger Spring) they will ALWAYS be useful even if they don't keep up (i.e. even at 10th Circle, a Rank 2 Air Dance of DEX+2 Initiative is still significantly better than just DEX) so you could afford more Talents IF you don't spend as much on those 2.

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Re: How many versatility talents is too much?

Post by etherial » Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:36 pm


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Re: How many versatility talents is too much?

Post by ragbasti » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:34 am

I never limit my players and also don't like to be limited when I play a human. As long as you have the LP and available Versatility Ranks, learn whatever you can.
So there isn't really a "too much" if you or the player know the advantages and disadvantages. Talents are expensive, and versatility talents are even worse. Most of the time, it is muh more efficient to just learn a suitable second discipline.

However, what I make sure is to enforce that getting talents isn't easy - It is always tied to something. Even among the members of my main group, we do not just give away talents to human PC adepts just because we can.

Every member can decide for themselves if their character is willing to teach a talent to another group member.
The whole point being, a die-hard warrior might still refuse to teach his talents to his friend who is a thief. It's not about trust, friendship or favours.
It's is about their own interpretation of their discipline and if teaching a another adept how to use their talents could jeopardise the essence of their discipline.

In another group, we also house ruled that PCs need a tutoring/teaching skill if they want to teach another group member their talents.

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