Rumor: Liferock Reconnections (ECL 8M)


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Rumor: Liferock Reconnections (ECL 8M)

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Liferock Reconnections
ECL: 8M (Would likely work best as a sort of exploration plot arc re-used for different sessions as an interested GM would like)
Player: Drew
Character: Strats

As Strats has deepened his understanding of the duties of a Brother of Stone, he feels moved to bring greetings from his liferock, Gannagroth, to the other liferocks currently known in the West Marches:
  • The Ayodhya Liferock is on the southwest shore of Lake Ban (hex 49.19, see Obsidiman Trouble and numerous other references)
  • The Thrymmatazo liferock (connected to the formal horkla Strats wears, Mosaic) is up in the mountains near the juncture of the Tylon and Serpent Rivers (hex 26.23)
  • The Gabbro liferock is reported to be deep in the caverns under and a bit northwest of Throal. The liferock has recently awakened and sent out new obsidimen brothers (hex 43.09, see WM character background for Bronk the obsidiman)
Other liferock rumors:
  • Strats has heard rumors that the liferock beneath the Cliff City of Syrtis, Zirabul, survived the Scourge (hex 52.11)
  • There are whispers that the Tepuis Garan liferock may have survived (hex 31.16)
  • He has also heard rumors of the Nehem liferock far to the southeast near the Coil River and the Aras Sea (hex 58.24)
The Gannagroth Liferock is up in the Throal Mountains a bit back from the Serpent River and the Caucavic Valley (hex 44.07). Strats is already carrying messages and aid from Gannagroth to Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah (hex 52.03) to help the wounded liferock recover after the attack by the Crystal Horror that tried to devour it during the Scourge (see Rebirth of a Brotherhood of Stone).

If anyone knows of any other liferocks, please send me a message and will add them to the list.

NPCs: The obsidiman Brother of Stone Salar Bazhadi can be a wonderful plot device to kick off a trip to a specific liferock a GM would like to focus on for a session.

As the title suggests, the theme is exploration and reconnection for the obsidimen of Barsaive. Travel challenges and the wonders (and dangers) the party may discover along the way are open to the GMs creativity.

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