Rumor: 10M Stranger Boots Deed: Name: A Strange Hunger

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Rumor: 10M Stranger Boots Deed: Name: A Strange Hunger

Post by Montaugh » Sun Oct 11, 2020 8:08 pm

Player: William Carver (Montaugh /Montaugh #3578)
Rumor: Deed: Stranger Boots: The owner must hunt whatever creature the teeth came from to acquire new teeth and replace any damaged teeth in the soles. May as well add some new teeth in there as well—more teeth is more better. Also, eat the eyes. (I tell you it is not only my fault that everyone thinks William is a horror.. but he does have to eat the eyes per the deed and eat them he will!)
The stranger boots hunger and that hunger is pulling William and his team into the depths of the jungles. It started as just a normal adventure to some forgotten ruins, but the vision started. William's dreams are filled with teeth, and claws and eyes so many eyes as the thing in the jungle stares back at him. He has a need a hunt it, a need so great it consumes him and he knows that thing watching him is also hunting him as well, hunting his friends. He can't let it go. His dreams become nightmares, and soon those nightmares fill the dreams of his companions. It longs for the boots and the boots long to tear into its flesh as if two mortal enemies are calling to each other...
Location: Various
Circle: ECL 10
Reward: Completion of a Deed.
Benefit: Blood magic charms! (half off?)
Notable NPCs:Creatures! All sorts of creatures! very nasty eat your face off mean creatures... not horrors, not horror spawn or constructs but creatures :P

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