Resolved (7M): A B'Shon of Beauty

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Resolved (7M): A B'Shon of Beauty

Post by verse86 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 3:23 pm

Player: Thorkell Gulbrandsen (verse86)
Rumor: After much research, Thorkell has found information about a pre-scourge mine to the east near the Tower of B'shon. He takes this information to the Daicar brothers with a proposal: Thorkell will scout out the mine and relinquish rights of it to the brothers if they help rebuild the town around the tower and use it as the base of operations for the mine.
Location: the Tower of B'Shon is around 53.11. The mine can be in the mountains around there.
Circle: 7M
Reward: half price circle living crystal.
Benefit: more access to mined materials like living crystal and elemental earth.
Notable NPCs: Ben and Jerry Daicar

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