[RESOLVED] Rumor (8M): Blackhawk Down

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[RESOLVED] Rumor (8M): Blackhawk Down

Post by bronzemountain » Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:17 pm

Player: Dvarim
Rumor: Edvird Mennanir (cousin of Dorsha), purveyor of True Elements, recently heard of a forest fire in the Marrek valley. He sent Sivilee Blackhawk, a Windling Scout (on her black War Hawk mount) to recon the site. She has not reported back. Now, he turns to well known Adepts, fearing the worst - but also hoping that Sivilee can be rescued, and True Elements can be harvested.
Location: 45.05 (forest, after a forest fire)
Circle: 8 Medium
Reward: Access to True Elements, particularly True Fire (can be from Edvird's store, not necessarily from this site); also potential discounts on Enchanting
Benefit: Everyone loves Sivilee and it will be good to have her back.
Notable NPCs:
  • Edvird Mennanir, Dwarf, Talismonger
  • Sivilee Blackhawk, Windling, Journeyman Scout

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