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(Resolved) ECL: 7 Request: TI Deed, Name: A Very Useful Deed.

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 4:29 pm
by Montaugh
Player: William Carver (Montaugh /Montaugh #3578)
Rumor: Key Knowledge: The owner must learn who made these gloves (probably so they can get a second pair).
Deed: The owner must offer the creator appropriate thanks and appreciation for the gloves.
Location: someplace in the deep wilds, lets go exploring!
Circle: ECL: 7 (DM's choice on difficulty)
Reward: Completes the deed.
Benefit: increased knowledge of a rarely traveled region, perhaps some exotic fruits/veggies/spices?
Notable NPCs: Creator of the Very Useful Gloves.

Player Availability Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7-8PM GMT Endtime 2-3AM GMT. (EST Timezone. times would be 3-4PM start time and 10-11pm End time. Est 11:30pm est is a hard out most days.) These are the easiest days for me to play, I can play on any day at these times though, they just require more set up for me to do so. I can start earlier except on Tuesdays and Fridays.