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RESOLVED: (ECR5) Hard Vengeance for Kaer Bamor

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 2:23 pm
by Waijhou
Player: PC Volkir/Shokunin & Xeviouz/Waijhou

Rumor: Three sleepless nights after their return from setting up a foothold for future exploration in the dead Bamor Kaer, Xevious and Volkir find themselves at the same pub trying to drown their nightmares in alcohol. Both Skyraider and Warrior were very disturbed by the massive loss of life. The way the life was lost, and the growing anger towards the cause of said loss of life. After several drink nights together the intrepid adventurers hatch a plan to return to Kaer Bahmor and take care of that Horror! Their conversation is overheard by an individual sitting in the corner by himself. He walks over to Volkir and Xeviouz and begins a very quiet conversation about what a Horror Stalker is and how they can aquifer acceptance into the ranks of Horror Stalker.

Location: Kaer Bahmor

Circle: ECR5 Hard

Reward: Horror Stalker initiation
Benefit: ----
Notable NPCs: Aljalima Karufa - (Horror Stalker)