(RESOLVED) ECL 5 Bamor's Foothold

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(RESOLVED) ECL 5 Bamor's Foothold

Post by Montaugh » Tue Mar 31, 2020 1:16 am

Player: William Carver (Montaugh /Montaugh #3578)
Rumor: The Kaer of Bamor was lost to the horrors as reported in Searching Survivors The time has come to take it back. Establish a foothold into Bamor which can be used to launch future expeditions into the ruined Kaer.
Location: 47.12 is the location of Bamor.
Circle: ECL 5
Reward: Standard and a friendly new horror friend...
Benefit: Resources (a good location for thread items), Kaer delving...
Notable NPCs: Bamor's Folly? ((Named horror))

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