AAR[11M]: Preparing for Invaesion (2020-10-17 @ 1900 GMT)

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Re: LFG[11M]: Preparing for Invaesion (2020-10-17 @ 1900 GMT)

Post by Waijhou » Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:49 pm

October 17, 2020
From the Journal of Xeviouz, Human Warrior/Horror Stalker
Re: LFG[11M]: Preparing for Invaesion

Rumor: Word has reached the leadership of Throal that the Invae might be infiltrating Barsaive. This is a cause for great alarm, and King Varulus III and his advisors feel that Throal's records of the Invae are insufficient to understand the threat. It is known that the old Human kingdom of Landis dealt with an Invae problem - and so the ruins of Landis must be searched for information and resources regarding the Invae. But Landis is close to old Thera, and to send the army there would be a massive provocation.

Instead, the King's council asks a band of Wardens (and near-Wardens) to travel to far Landis and see what they can find. Location: 12.32, Landis

I receive a bat messenger from Dvarim, he is putting a group together to travel to Landis. I met him along with Dubahn, William Carver, Karl THomson, and Daldorer at Skyreeder Island. From there we catch an air ship towards Landis. We load up on all kinds of pastries at Skyreeder Island, then load the airship and take off. This is a newer type airship, larger hold, larger deck area and a bit slower than a Dracar.

After we have reached the ⅔ mark of our journey, we are attacked by a unwise group of Skyraiders. It is a short battle, silly sky raiders. Then we continue on our way to Landis. We are close to Landis, maybe a few hours away. As we are approaching Landis, we notice a large military force is there. We land on the outskirts of town, behind a forest. We can sneak through the forest to get to the city.

Dubahn sneaks close to the soldiers and does his Astral Sight, they dont look like Envae, or horrores. Most are not adepts, just skilled Warriors. Dvarim sets up his forge outside the gates of the city. I and Kal approach the guards at the gate to speak with. After a short conversation we learned that a small group of scholars had arrived and went into the library and never come out. We speak to the Lt of the guard and have a further discussion. He offers to let us go in and find the missing scholars, and all the soldiers that went in looking for them. The Lieutenant provides us a list of all the people that have gone in and not come out. He also provides us with sleep accommodations. We also perform greeting rituals.

Next morning we do Karma rituals, then we head over to the Library under the escort of a Sergeant of the guard. We approach the double front doors of the entrance. Opening the door there are a vast number of books here. Lots of mirrors on the walls that reflect light making it very bright inside. Karl flies up to the second floor windows and looks in. He says it looks like offices. He says there is also a massive blob of flesh that seems to be moving. I use my Detect Horror Spawn talent and yes, there are 8 of these flesh blobs, and they are horror spawn.
We enter and hug the north wall, as we move in the blobs seem to retret from us and they all head upstairs. Dubahn is able to electrify the floor and knock 6 of them down. Dvarim and I rush up the stairs to try to engage the creatures as they are on the ground. But they have all moved again by the time we get up there. We proceed down a small hallway then we see the enemy. Several Mournguards, but bigger than the last ones we fought. There were a few Gloomwinds, as well as the flesh bloods. During the battle we noticed there was also a very large WormSkull. It is a long fights because so many of the horror constructs were larger and stronger than we had seen before. We are triumphant!

We begin to search for the missing scholars and soldiers, they were probably the horror constructs we just killed. We search for the Envae research papers we are after and find them. We are also able to make great tidings with the people of Landis and we established diplomatic ties between Landis and Throal. The new designed airship seemed to work fine. It seems to have fire engines that keep it aloft.

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After Action Report

Post by predajey » Mon Oct 19, 2020 3:13 am

AAR: Preparing for Invaesion
GM: Jeff
ECR: 11
Difficulty: Medium, possibly easy, but very long.

Player Rewards:
Daldorer: 124,000 LP, 2000 SP, 3 TIPs
Dubhan: 124,000 LP, 2000 SP, 3 TIPs
Dvarim: 124,000 LP, 2000 SP, 3 TIPs
Karl: 124,000 LP, 2000 SP, 3 TIPs
William: 124,000 LP, 2000 SP, 3 TIPs
Xevious: 124,000 LP, 2000 SP, 3 TIPs

Journals: 6200 LP, 500 SP

Alt Rewards:
Blood Charms
Crafting Patterns

GM Reward: Calina (800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs)


Alchemy Step 8 (Rank 3) Recipes: Booster Potion and Small Light Quartz
Item History Step 20 (Rank 8)
Research Step 42 (Rank 10) (Librarian: Extra Successes reduce Research Times)

Research Rank 5/Step 41 (Forget library access.)
Alchemy Rank 5/Step 13 (Booster Potions, Small Light Crystals, Kelix' Poultice) (1 Day Downtime), Kelia's Antidote (2 days Downtime)
Creation of Spell Matrix Objects: 1,000 sp, 3 days for Standard. 2,000 sp, 4 days for Enhanced. 4,000 sp, 5 days for Armored, And yes, that's the 1/2 off price. :D
Design Enchanting Pattern: Minimum 4 TIPs, 2 weeks Downtime, contact for details
Craft True Pattern (i.e. create Thread Item): Requires a Pattern. 3 TIPs minimum, 2 weeks Downtime, Silver cost varies, contact for details.

Forge Weapon 12/25
Forge Armor 12/25
Craftsman (anything) 11/28
Design Enchanting Pattern 11/24
Enchant True Pattern 11/28
Item History 4/17
Enchant Storm Steppers (10 TIPs, 1,500sp, 2 weeks)

Animal Training (talent rank 8 step 18)
Forge Weapon (rank 6 Step 18, 3 successes if up to 3 prior forgings, 2 after that)
Research (Rank 3 Step 15, or Step 18 with Library Access)

Versatile Forge Weapon Rank: (7) Step 20
Versatile Research Rank: (7) Step 20, Step 23 with library Access
Versatile Item History Rank: (5) Step 18.
(Karma spent with Applied versatility)

The party dealt with a small group of sky pirates in a much more enjoyable fashion than expected. They were able to safely land at Landis, losing only one crewman. They elected to speak with the humans who spoke Theran, sparking a diplomatic connection between Throal and Landis in the first exchange between the two governing bodies. They were unable to rescue the scholars and soldier who vanished into the Library, but found the cause of the disappearances. Despite having a small horror construct army, the Greater Wormskull and all its toys were destroyed. Landis is now safe for reoccupation by the humans.

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Re: AAR[11M]: Preparing for Invaesion (2020-10-17 @ 1900 GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Mon Oct 26, 2020 4:05 am

From the Journal of Dubhan Goronich:

So, this time we had to go to the site of the old Human Kingdom of Landis. The powers that be in Throal are concerned that we may be facing an invasion of insect spirits, also known as Invae. Landis had fought them before; it stood to reason that there might be records of their struggle that could help us.

One of the things I appreciate about how my life and chose profession has gone is that traveling, for the most part, has gotten easier. As usual these days, we commandeered an airship to take us where we needed to go. A prototype one, interestingly enough. Close to our destination, we were actually attacked by raiders! I had to laugh. We even had enough warning of the attack that I swapped Sever Talent into one of my Matrices! I ended up removing their Wind Catcher Talents for a while. Needless to say, they were no match for us. If the fight had gone on longer, I probably would've started wiping out their Melee Weapons abilities.

Once we got to the old site of Landis, we discovered that there was a force of Humans there before us. They were looking to reestablish the Kingdom. They'd run into trouble in what seemed to be the old Library. Naturally, we went in.

That was a real cat & mouse game. We discovered the presence of a great deal of Horror Constructs. I even got to use Mystic Shock through the ceiling/floor, which was fun. It was a big fight, and a bit nerve wracking, but we eventually prevailed.

I do find myself curious about these Invae though. I wonder if I'll encounter them in the future...

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Re: AAR[11M]: Preparing for Invaesion (2020-10-17 @ 1900 GMT)

Post by Montaugh » Sat Oct 31, 2020 12:01 am

My name is William Carver, I am a 10th circle Scout, 6th circle Thief, 6th circle Cavalaryman and 5th rank on the path of the journeyman.

Daldorer, Dubhan, Dvarim, Karl, Xevious and I were contacted to visit the ruins of Landis and find out about a possible Invae invasion. While on the way we were attack by sky pirates, they greatly regretted their life choices.

Landis is the former human city. We found the library and soliders and scholars had gone missing. We went in search of them but we were unable to help them as they had been turned into horror constructs, they were large bags of flesh that roamed around the library. We then encountered some more constructs and the horror that made them. We engaged them with wits and steel. It was a hard fought battle but we eventually prevailed.

Afterwards we established some diplomatic ties.

Apologies for the delay in submitting this journal for The Great Library of Throal. I got distracted while traveling around...

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