AAR: [9H] Fancy Side-Burns (2020-09-23 @ 23:00 GMT)

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Re: LFG: [9H] Fancy Side-Burns (2020-09-23 @ 23:00 GMT)

Post by Xzandrate » Thu Sep 24, 2020 3:50 am

AAR:Fancy Side-Burns
GM: Xzandrate
ECR: 9
Difficulty: Hard

Player Rewards:
Dvarim: 58,000 LP, 1,000 SP + 1,000 worth of True Fire kernels, 5 TIPs
Xeviouz: 58000LP, 1500sp, 5 TIP
Zil: 58000LP, 1500sp, 5 TIP
Daldorer: 58,000 LP, 1,500 sp worth of Enchanting Materials, 5 TIPs
Dubhan: 58,000 LP, 1,500 sp worth of Enchanting Materials, 5 TIPs

Alternate Rewards: True Fire, living crystal/enchanting materials

Journal Reward: +2900 LP, + 375 SP

GM Reward: Moe'uhane (19000 LP, 900 SP, 3 TIPs)

Research rank 4, step 12 (step 15 if pay 20 sp for library access)
Item History Rank 4 (step 16)

Forge Weapon 11/24
Forge Armor 11/24
Craftsman (anything) 10/27
Design Enchanting Pattern 11/24
Enchant True Pattern 11/28
Item History 4/17
Enchant Storm Steppers (10 TIPs, 1,500sp, 2 weeks)

Alchemy Step 8 (Rank 3) Recipes: Booster Potion and Small Light Quartz
Item History Step 20 (Rank 8)
Research Step 32 (Rank 10) (Librarian: Extra Successes reduce Research Times)

Research Rank 5/Step 27 (Library access worth it for Warden items)
Alchemy Rank 5/Step 13 (Booster Potions, Small Light Crystals, Kelix' Poultice) (1 Day Downtime).
Creation of Spell Matrix Objects: 1,000 sp, 3 days for Standard. 2,000 sp, 4 days for Enhanced. 4,000 sp, 5 days for Armored, And yes, that's the 1/2 off price. :D
Design Enchanting Pattern: Minimum 4 TIPs, 2 weeks Downtime, contact for details
Craft True Pattern (i.e. create Thread Item): Requires a Pattern. 3 TIPs minimum, 2 weeks Downtime, Silver cost varies, contact for details.

Summary: The players have been contracted by the Enchanters Guild of Throal to venture forth to retrieve True Fire from the Death's Sea. The players ventured to Travar to collect some intel and then made their way to Mount An'Grak(26.23), where some newot Troll raiders of the Thundersky moot guided them up to a source of true fire. The guild miners collected as much fire as the group could carry.

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Re: AAR: [9H] Fancy Side-Burns (2020-09-23 @ 23:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Thu Sep 24, 2020 9:48 am

From the journal of Zil

The Enchanters guild asked us to collect a large supply of True Fire. I can detect True Fire, but I don't have the knacks for harvesting, handling, or transforming it. However I was happy to do what I could, knowing that my spells of protection would be very handy. Davarim, Dubin, Daldoror, Xevious and I were accompanied by two guild minors: Moroick Forgeforge and Elsec Cragheart. We took a great big circle around the entire Servos jungle. On our way out, we took the rivers to Travar, where I met some Travarian merchants of Davarim's acquaintance, they were the Firecairn  brothers, Padimis & liminor Co-heads of house Dumorjen. After a day or two in Travar (a lovely and magnificent city), we took a short airship flight to just north of the Myst Swamps (30,23). From there we spent a few days hiking towards the Twilight peaks. 

We spotted 6 sky raiders dropping down near us. I tried my Disarming Smile devotion, but one of my companions made the mistake of thinking that a Jinx was not a hostile act, and the penalty fell to us
! We still managed to easily subdue them, in fact it was amazing that only one of them died. When they awoke we said we would not harm them, but that we would release them unharmed if they agreed to guide us to the volcano on Mt Angrak(26.23)   Which they instantly agreed to, and guided us faithfully. They told us that Mt Angrak still spew fire and heals the land with the blood of fire. It is known for it's many dangers, and crushes those of frail stature. (I suspect he might have been referring to me, but I think they all learned not to judge a person by their size by the time we parted.). 

At the foot of the mountain we filled up all of our water skins, and the two small casks I got for Nanny to carry. The trolls lead us up the mountain on switchbacked paths, but some paths they suggested we avoid. As we ascended the air (and ground) grew hotter and dryer. We found no more springs or streams. We were glad to have brought so much water, but our supplies were diminishing rapidly. Whenever we stopped for a night I would create an Elemental Wind, which brings cool air directly from the plane of Elemental Air. Each of those were the best 2 strain I ever spend, since I am certain they prevented much more damage from heat fatigue. During the day my maximized Air Armor kept us from suffering the worst of the heat as well. 

Finally we reached the ridge of the Caldrea and could look down into it to see the lava pools. I created another elemental wind at the ridge, and we left the bulk of our gear (and my goat). We decended into the caldra, and upon reaching the bottom detected 4 Deaths Seas Salamanders. These, surprisingly were not Elementals, so I could not banish them. I did however got off one of my best ever bolts of lightning. While fighting the salamanders, various members of the party were ambushed by 3 Bull Lava Ufghanti (which are kind of hydra headed lava creatures). We made quick work of all of these, and were able to quickly turn our attention to mining, In such a rich and virgin feild it took us a remarkably short time to harvest all that we could carry, we returned to our camp but did not tarry there, but immediately started down the mountain. Going down was much faster and easier than going up, and every mile was noticeably cooler, so much so that we hated to stop until we were exhausted. After a quick decent we said good bye to the trolls at the first source of water. We then completed our circling of the Survos by heading north, before cutting through the narrow part of the survose near the mine we first explored all those years ago. 

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Re: AAR: [9H] Fancy Side-Burns (2020-09-23 @ 23:00 GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Thu Sep 24, 2020 7:44 pm

From the Journal of Dubhan Goronich:

I received a messenger bat from my old colleague Dvarim (poor thing was exhausted by the long trip from Throal) asking my assistance with an expedition proposed by the Enchanter's Guild. As I have been planning out my newest Thread Item, having the Enchanter's Guild in my debt appealed to me and I agreed. We were joined by Zil, Xevious and Daldorer.

As has become habitual, Dvarim secured us transit by airship, this time to Travar. There, he and Zil leveraged some contacts to get us transit to the point just past the Servos Jungle we needed to reach, along with our Guild guests. Once there, we were actually attacked by Sky Raiders. We beat them off handily, but kept most of them alive to serve as guides. I was disappointed... I had swapped Sever Talent into a Matrix. I've never had an opportunity to use that spell! However, as usual, my colleagues were too fast for me and ended the fight before I had a chance to use it. Ah well.

After a long (very long) and arduous (very arduous) trip up a mountain to a volcano caldera (legend has it the place is where the Fire Blood talent was developed) we were confronted by a variety of creatures that were truly at home in the exhausting heat. We beat them back, and our Guild companions were able to very successfully harvest a large quantity of True Fire.

Upon returning to Throal, I commissioned Dvarim to create the belt I need for my new Item, and purchased all the supplies needed for half price from the Guild. Now to enchant the thing...

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