AAR: [10M] I Can See Cleerie Now (2020-09-19 @ 18:30 GMT)

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Re: AAR: [10M] I Can See Cleerie Now (2020-09-19 @ 18:30 GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:14 pm

From the Journal of Dubhan Goronich:

You know, the interaction between the True Patterns of Thread Items with those of the Namegivers that use them and events that effect the greater world continues to fascinate me. Should I ever take up the Scholar Path, I could easily see it becoming my primary focus.

My latest foray into field research was at the behest of Zil the Elementalist. They had discovered a Deed was necessary to unlock the last powers of one of their Thread Items... I can't remember which, to be honest. It would involve opening a Kaer previously unknown to me. Naturally, I said yes. I seem to have grown accustomed to the pursuit of knowledge leading to my life being in danger.

As has become customary, we managed to borrow a lift from an airship heading in the right general direction. After disembarking in inimitable style (I swear that Dvarim likes airship travel simply to indulge in his Wind Catcher Talent) we found the first stage into the Kaer... a fairly large cave. Almost immediately I detected a fair number of large, spider-like beings. I managed to talk my colleagues (besides Zil & Dvarim, Jael, Xevious and William were also along) into giving me a bit of time to surprise the things. Which I did, with a well placed, long-lasting Astral Storm. It was quite effective. That softened them up a bit and we made relatively short work of them.

After that, we found ourselves in the outer district of the Kaer. The door to the outside had been obviously busted in. We went in expecting the worst, and found a fair amount of devastation. We found the skeleton of a Dwarf Warrior near an inner Kaer door who had apparently held off the Horrors while the it was closed. Dvarim took the Dwarf's breastplate, and we continued our search.

After that, we found an Ehrlgren (nasty thing) and several animated suits of armor.

My colleagues dealt with the armor. I concentrated on the Ehrlgren, as they do nasty things to magicians. We were eventually triumphant. At which point we knocked on the Kaer door, and were admitted.

It seems that the Passions wanted us to correct a great wrong. The Dwarven Warrior had been unfairly portrayed as a coward and a traitor, instead of the hero she was. We found one of her descendants and, after a fair amount of work by Dvarim & myself, we presented her with the breastplate, forged into a Thread Item. A local Nethermancer confirmed that the official history was false.

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